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Drugs are a dirty business and sooner or later everybody who gets associated with it has to pay for their involvement. Users get addicted, their families fall apart, and while the facilitators and the kingpins make enormous amounts of money the law enforcement agencies are always on their heels trying to bust them. While the drug ringmasters are ahead they do make it big and unfortunately, a lot of people admire them and even get inspired by them. One such drug kingpin who led a rich and flashy lifestyle was Augusto “Willie” Falcon also famously dubbed as one of the big “Cocaine Cowboys” along with his partner in crime Sal Magluta. During the 1980s Willie Falcon was one of the biggest drug barons in America and ran one of the biggest cocaine smuggling operations in the world. Along with Sal Magluta, he established and built his drug empire which smuggled cocaine into America and sold it in several big cities, and raked up several billion dollars in revenues and profits. It’s 2021 and many people are wondering – Where is Willie Falcon now? Here are a few details from Willie Falcon’s wiki.

Building an Efficient & Profitable Drug Empire

Born in 1955 in Cuba, Willie Falcon ended up in Miami, America, like many other Cuban immigrants who escaped their communist homeland to make a better life for themselves in the land of the free. In the late 1970s Willie Falcon dropped out of high school and along with Magluta started selling small quantities of cocaine and marijuana to make money. They stepped up into a bigger league when an old friend asked them to help him dispose of 30 kilos of cocaine he had. Falcon helped make deals and they made a good profit from this operation and Falcon knew that cocaine could make him a rich and powerful person. He established contacts with drug suppliers in Colombia and recruited dozens of old friends and buddies from their Cuban-American community and started smuggling cocaine into America. Then he built a strong relationship with the ruthless and powerful Medellin drug cartel of Colombia and by the early 1980s Falcon was co-running an efficient and immensely profitable drug empire.

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Living an Envy Inducing & Luxurious Life

With his wealth, Falcon bought mansions and all the luxuries he wanted and lived the good life. He became admired in the community and became even more ambitious. At his peak, Falcon was running his drug empire that was worth over $2.1 billion in cash and assets and brought in more than 70 tons of cocaine into America. He was selling his cocaine all over the East Coast and had major sales in cities like Miami, New York City, and Washington D.C. People who opposed him were simply bought off and some were killed and everybody was aware that Falcon was not to be messed with. Falcon developed a passion for boat racing and took part in racing competitions and won several of them including the Marathon Offshore Challenge in the Florida Keys in 1986. He got married to Alina Rossique and the couple had three children Aileen Martinez, William Falcon, and Jessica Falcon, and Falcon was living the life of his dreams.

Paying for his Numerous Crimes

During all this time the law enforcement agencies in America were working hard to gather evidence and witnesses to bring down Falcon and Magluta for their blatant crimes. They finally busted Falcon in 1991 and he spent four years in prison. It took the justice system almost a decade to put Falcon away for good because he paid off jury members, judges, and even assassinated witnesses to derail his trial. Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta were then retried and sentenced to prison on proven charges of bribery, money laundering, obstructing the justice system, and ordering hits on witnesses. Falcon pleaded guilty and was sent to 20 years in prison but was let off early in 2017. On his release, Willie Falcon was deported to the Dominican Republic on November 6, 2018, though this decision has baffled many observers. There is no information on where Willie Falcon is today and what he is doing.

It Always Falls Apart in the End!


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Willie Falcon is in the news again because his life story has been covered in the new Netflix docuseries named Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami that premiered on August 4, 2021, on Netflix. The series chronicles the rise and fall of Willie Falcon and Sal Magluta from their days as small-time drug peddlers to billionaire drug lords to criminals locked up in prison. At his peak, Willie Falcon’s net worth is believed to have been several hundred million dollars and he lived like a modern-day king. Falcon’s life is a morality tale – That no matter how powerful and rich you become if you broke the law and destroyed lives with impunity you will eventually pay for your ill deeds. Willie Falcon had to. He had to face the coldness and harshness of the prison where he spent almost 14 years as just another common criminal. Willie Falcon could run but he couldn’t escape the long arm of the law.

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