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Some TV series become so loved by the audience that they are remembered long after they have finished airing. People hold on to the series and its characters that they liked and think and talk about them long after the TV credits have rolled. One such series was H2O: Just Add Water that aired first in Australia in 2006 and caught the imagination of kids, teenagers, and even many adults there. One of the lead characters was played by actress Claire Holt and she became a kind of celebrity after appearing in this TV series. People still remember her and are asking questions like – Why did Claire Holt leave H2O? They are also interested in the answer to questions like – Where is Claire Holt now and Where does Claire Holt live? We will tell you all we know right here.

What is “H2O?”

H2O: Just Add Water is an Australian dramatic fantasy TV series aimed at children and teenagers which later aired in over 120 countries and became a cultural phenomenon. It has been watched by a global audience of over 250 million so far and may continue being watched in the future also. It is about three teenage girls who deal with everyday teenage problems except for one hidden fact – They are all mermaids with powers over the realm of water. Initially, two seasons with 52 episodes in all were filmed but due to popular demand, a third season was also filmed. Claire Holt plays the role of the mermaid named Emma.

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Who is Claire Holt?


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Claire Holt is an Australian-American actress and also a model who played the role of Emma Gilbert in H2O. She has acted in films such as Messengers 2: The Scarecrow, Blue Like Jazz, The Divorce Party, Painted Beauty, and her next release will be Untitled Horror Movie in 2021. She has also acted in TV series like Mean Girls 2, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Aquarius. She was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and studied at Stuartholme School in Toowong. She won several awards for her role in H20 before leaving the show after the telecast of two series.

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Why Did Claire Holt Leave “H2O?”


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When H2O was renewed for the third series Claire Holt left the show. She wanted to act in the film Messengers 2: The Scarecrow that later released in 2009 instead of reprising her role as Emma Gilbert. She signed on for the film believing that it would pave the way for her movie career. Her exit from H2O was explained to the TV audience as having left with her family to travel and see the world. She was replaced in the TV series by another actress but Holt left a strong impression on the audience.

Holt later acted in the TV series The Originals but even in that she left after some time. Holt was a member of the main cast but she left after season 1 and her character is shown leaving New Orleans to live a simpler life away from her family. However, she has guest-starred in the series in the subsequent seasons.

Where is Claire Holt Now?


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Later Holt married but her marriage did not work. She married a second time and her husband is a real estate executive named Andrew Joblon. She is a mother now to a son and daughter and acts in both movies and TV series. In November 2019 Holt became an American citizen and now lives in America. She is keen on having a successful acting and modelling career and is working hard for it while at the same time handling the responsibilities of being a wife and mother. Juggling both real and reel life roles isn’t easy but Claire Holt is doing a fine job of it. The girl who was a mermaid in her breakout role is now a confident mature woman who is living the life she wanted.

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