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They say that fact is often stranger than fiction. It is sure as hell is more interesting. Such is the case with the Mexican singer and heartthrob Luis Miguel whose life and career have caught the imagination of millions of people especially his fans. His quest for his missing mother in his real-life has made millions of people talk about him and have theories on what might have happened to her. The obsession with Luis Miguel and his life is so much that both books have been written on him and a TV series has also been made on him. People are tuning in to the TV show titled Luis Miguel: La Serie to find out what happened to his real-life mother who has not been in Miguel’s life for the last 34 years or more. People want to know the answer to questions like – What happened to Luis Miguel’s mom and did Luis Miguel find his mom?

Who is Luis Miguel?


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Luis Miguel was born on April 19, 1970, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and is 51 years old. He sings in the Spanish language and is considered the most popular and successful singer in Latin American history having sold more than 60 million official records so far. His nickname is El Sol de Mexico meaning The Sun of Mexico. This is the nickname that his mother gave him when he was still a child and it has stuck. He performs in a variety of styles and has sung pop, tangos, ballads, boleros, big band music, jazz, and mariachi. In the 1990s he resisted all attempts to get him to sing in the English pop crossover market and was the only major singer in Latin America to escape the lure of global stardom, especially in America.

Where is Luis Miguel’s Mother?


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A big part of Miguel’s life is the answer to the burning question in his life – What happened to his mother Marcela Basteri? His mother disappeared from his life 34 years back and Miguel has not seen her ever since. His biggest dream in life is to meet his mother again and tell her how much he has loved her and missed her all these years. On last Mother’s Day, he sent a greeting to his missing mother and said “I want to say to my mother, wherever she is, that we miss her very much and love her.” The problem is nobody knows where Marcela Basteri is and nobody has heard from her in these last 34 years.

What Could have Happened?


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There are several theories about what may have happened to Marcela Basteri. She was last seen going by plane to Italy with her younger son Sergio in 1986. The last person who saw her was her husband Luis Rey who has since claimed that Marcela ran away with her Italian lover. Luis Rey and Marcela were estranged at that time. One big theory is that Rey killed his wife because of money. Did Luis Miguel’s dad kill his mom? Nobody knows but a lot of people believe that this could well be the case. Miguel’s music contracts and earnings were structured in such a way that if anything happened to Marcela then Rey would get all the money.

According to some reports Rey put several companies he started with Miguel’s money under Marcela’s name to hide his connections with several illegal businesses. If anything happened to his wife Marcela all this money would come to him. However, these claims and allegations have not been proven yet.

It’s a Mystery Still Unresolved!


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Some people say that Luis Miguel knows what has happened to his mother but is not willing to say it. They say that it is a family secret and Miguel will never reveal it. A journalist who has written a book on Miguel says that he knows Miguel is aware of what happened to Marcela but is hiding the facts from everyone. Some people believe that Marcela is living under an assumed name in some Latin American country and doesn’t want to be found. However, all these theories have not been proved and the fact remains that Marcela Basteri is still missing. It is one of those real-life mysteries that is infinitely more complicated and fascinating than fiction. Like they say facts are often stranger than fiction. Miguel and his missing mother are one of these instances.

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