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Ironically, a man who survived the bitter cold of Alaska and thrived in it should die of something extreme on the other end of the scale. That’s what happened to 75-year old Gary Muehlberger from Life Below Zero: Port Protection. People are asking questions like – What happened to Gary Muehlberger on Port Protection. and How did Gary from Port Protection die? It is shocking but true. Gary Muehlberger from Port Protection is no more and everybody wants to know details about how he died. We will tell you about it right here.

Who is Gary Muehlberger?


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Gary Muehlberger was born in the USA and is famous for being a regular cast member of the National Geographic TV series Life Below Zero: Port Protection. While much is not known about his early life reports suggest that he completed his early education in America. He became a regular cast member of the series Port Protection in 2015 and his popularity had grown from then. Muehlberger was an institution when it came to survival skills about living in the bitter cold of Alaska and people came from far and wide to seek his advice. Muehlberger was very proud of his fishing boat which was over 100 years old. He was also very attached to his dog named Trapper and was always taking his dog with him wherever he went.

A Fatal House Fire

His fans were shocked when they came to know that he died in a fire that burnt down his house on March 17, 2021, while he was still inside it. The fire destroyed Muehlberger’s house in Port Protection on the Prince of Wales Island in Alaska when he was alone in it. Later when Muehlberger was reported missing the authorities reached his burnt house and discovered a charred body inside. Even though the rough weather delayed the investigation the authorities later confirmed that the body found inside the burnt house was indeed that of the 75-year Gary Muehlberger. Later investigations have concluded that the fire was accidental and there was no foul play.

Sadness in the Community


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The news spread rapidly and soon the entire community of Port Protection came to know about Muehlberger’s demise. The makers of the TV series Life Below Zero posted a condolence message on their Facebook page which read “We’re extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Gary Muehlberger, a legend to the Port Protection Alaskan community and the Life Below Zero franchise. He had an incredibly big heart, epitomized so much of the human spirit, and welcomed the world into his life with open arms. He will be deeply missed.”

A Tough Man till the Very End

Some people were concerned about what happened to his dog Trapper. The authorities later revealed that Trapper was alive and fine and was being looked after well. Muehlberger’s death is a big blow to the makers of Port Protection because he was a central cast member and he had been on the show right from season one. After three seasons the show took a break for two years and then returned in 2020. Its fifth season can be seen now on the National Geographic channel. The show may go on but Muehlberger will not be there and it will certainly sadden the viewers. They will be left with his memories and remember him as a man who braved the elements even in his old age but lived life on his terms. Gary Muehlberger was a tough cookie right till his accidental death.

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