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Drugs are so powerful that every year they draw people from all over the world into their ecosystem. Some get into the business of manufacturing drugs, some supplying them to the consumers, and most people become the clients and eventually drug addicts. Millions of lives have been destroyed over the years by the drugs that are now freely available all across the globe. Governments and law enforcement agencies in all countries are trying tooth and nail to stop the drug business from growing but there are many intelligent, resourceful, imaginative, and ruthless men and women who establish and run profitable but illegal drug syndicates and empires. One such drug lord who ran an incredibly successful drug empire and made billions of dollars of personal profit was Salvator Magluta better as Sal Magluta. In the 1980s Sal Magluta was one of the biggest drug traffickers and distributors in America and his drug empire brought in cocaine and other drugs and made them available to anyone who had a craving for it and the money to buy it. It’s 2021 today and people are wondering – Where is Sal Magluta now? Here are a few details from Sal Magluta’s wiki.

Building a Multi-Billion Dollar Drug Empire

Born in Cuba in 1955, not much is known about Sal Magluta’s childhood but the first references to him begin in the late 1970s when he was a student at the Miami Senior High School. Even though he was very intelligent Magluta dropped out of high school in the late 1970s and teamed up with his fellow dropout and childhood friend Augusto “Willie” Falcon and began selling drugs for a profit. They both had a natural flair for making business contacts and a genius for building a criminal drug enterprise. They worked relentlessly all through the entire 1980s decade and built the largest cocaine smuggling organization on the whole East Coast of America. They established deep contacts with several drug cartels in Colombia especially the dreaded Medellin drug cartel and started bringing cocaine into America illegally. They built a network of suppliers, pilots, boat drivers, bankers, and foot soldiers and supplied cocaine to several big cities in America like Miami, New York City, and Washington D.C. In their peak years in the 1980s, they made more than $2.1 billion in cash and brought in at least 75 tons of cocaine from Colombia into America.

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Caught by the Long Arm of the Law

Willie and Sal as they were called by all their associates became known as the Cocaine Cowboys and lived a luxurious life in big mansions stacked with all the comforts that money could buy. Even though the law enforcement agencies were constantly working to gather evidence and witnesses against Falcon and Magluta the two drug lords were always one step ahead. There was a bitter war between the various drug syndicates in the country and the epicentre was Miami which saw a record number of drug-related murders in the late 1980s. In the end, all the hard work of the zealous good guys paid off and Sal and Willie were indicted on October 14, 1991, on charges of drug trafficking. They were acquitted in 1996 but charged again on charges of murdering key witnesses and put to trial in 1999. This time they were caught for good and while Willie Falcon pleaded guilty and spent only 14 years in jail Sal Magluta refused to plead guilty.

Shut Down & Locked Away for Good


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Sal Magluta was tried once again in the courts in 2002 and this time he was convicted of bribery and money laundering and sentenced to the maximum possible sentence of 205 years. He appealed and the sentence was reduced to 195 years but it looks like Sal Magluta will spend the rest of his life in jail and never come out as a free man. So where is Sal Magluta now? Right now Sal Magluta is serving his long sentence locked up in a maximum-security prison in the city of Marion, Illinois, USA. Sal Magluta is back in the news because a new docuseries based on his and Willie Falcon’s rise and fall in the drug business has debuted on Wednesday, August 4, 2021, on Netflix. This Netflix series is named Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami and it chronicles the making of their drug empire and how they broke all laws with impunity to build a multi-billion dollar drug enterprise.

Awaiting his Inevitable Death


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Sal Magluta’s wife Isabel Magluta was present in the courts regularly in the early 2000s when his trial was taking place. She took the Fifth Amendment at that time to prevent incriminating herself in any criminal charges and did not have to go to prison. No one knows where she is today. People often wonder about Sal Magluta’s net worth when he was running his drug empire along with Willie Falcon. According to official records at the time of his arrest, Sal Magluta’s net worth was estimated to be several hundred million dollars. However, all the money, contacts, friends, gangster buddies, and illegal firepower that Magluta had could not save him from the long arm of the law. He was duly caught, tried in court, sentenced to prison, and most likely will die there. When he does all the people whose lives were ruined by his drug enterprise and all the families of the people who died on his orders will get a measure of justice that they all have been waiting for. Like the wise men say – The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

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