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Men love fast cars. The faster the better. The cliché is that life is all about cars and girls but some men love cars more than anything else. Such men are sure to be found in cities and towns all over America and they engage in their passion for fast vehicles even if it means putting their lives at risk. One such man who has a passion for fast and edgy vehicles is Ryan Martin who is a regular feature on the program Street Outlaws. He is one of the biggest stars on this show. People are curious to know more about him especially Ryan Martin’s net worth. They are asking questions like – How rich is Ryan Martin and how much is Ryan Martin worth? We will tell you about it right here.

What are “Street Outlaws?”


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Street Outlaws is an American reality TV show that airs on the Discovery Channel. It began airing on June 10, 2013 and has completed 13 seasons so far. Its last episode aired on March 13, 2019, and it quickly became one of the most-watched and popular shows on the channel. It follows a group of men who build and race fast vehicles on the streets of the cities and towns where such competitions take place. They live the proverbial fast life and take great risks in racing their superfast and powerful vehicles. Ryan Martin is one of them and viewers and fans have followed his exploits on the racing track ever since he has started appearing in this popular show.

Who is Ryan Martin?


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Born on September 5, 1973, in Ohio, USA, Ryan Martin is 47 years old. He is an American citizen and is married to his wife Alicia since 2006. He has two sons named Corbin and Covil and is very close and attached to his family. He has frequently mentioned that he is inspired by his family to do the work he does. What does Ryan Martin do for a living? He is a professional street racer. He is in the cars and sporting business that took off after he started appearing in the reality TV show Street Outlaws.

It’s a cute and interesting story of how he met his wife Alicia. Martin was just 18 years old and he used to work in a gas station. He met Alicia but was so nervous in front of her that he couldn’t speak a thing. After their first meeting, they became good friends and subsequently started dating each other and found that they liked each other. They decided that they wanted to spend their life together and so they got married in 2006.

Ryan Martin “Street Outlaws” Net Worth


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According to reports Ryan Martin’s current net worth is around $2.0 million. He has made this money by appearing in the episodes of Street Outlaws and also by participating in car races where he has often won the prize money. He has also earned money from brand endorsements, promotions, and sponsorship deals. Even though Ryan Martin owns and maintains several cars he often drives a 2010 5th generation Fireball Camaro SS. It has a twin turbo and is his favorite car. He is also one of the owners of B&R Performance, a performance and tuning shop for racing vehicles. There is not much information on Ryan Martin’s other assets as he does not disclose them.

It’s about Fast Cars!

Ryan Martin is one of the most popular racers on Street Outlaws. People and viewers admire him for his deep knowledge about cars and his skill in building and tuning them. He has a passion for making cars go fast and he gets to indulge in his love for car racing in the competitions that he takes part in. There is a saying that life doesn’t get any better than a fast car. Ryan Martin is pretty much an example of how good it can get!

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