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Buying and selling houses after modifying them is a big business all over the world but none more than in America. Many people are into this business where they buy a home, fix it up and improve it and sell it to an eager buyer at a much higher price and make a tidy profit. Few people in America are doing this better than the sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis. They even have a TV show named Unsellable Houses on HGTV where the twins show their talent and unique ability to improve houses and turn them into cosy and comfortable homes for their new owners. People are curious to know how the twins are doing business-wise and want to know Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis’ net worth. We will tell you all we know right here about their net worth.

Who are Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis?

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The twin sisters are real estate consultants who turn the drab houses in each episode of the show Unsellable Houses and turn them into good-looking and liveable homes which they sell at a much higher price and make a tidy profit. Born on April 4, 1981, in Snohomish, Washington, Lamb is older than her sister Leslie Davis by a good three minutes. Leslie Davis and Lamb’s parents were born to their mother Kathy Kuna DeWitte but the name of their father is not known. The twins prefer not to talk about it. Lyndsay attended the Snohomish High School and got her high school degree. Both the sisters are married and have children as well. Lyndsay is married to her high school sweetheart Justin Lamb while Leslie too married her boyfriend from high school Jacob Davis.

Lyndsay Lamb’s Net Worth

Lyndsay owns a company named Lamb Real Estate and is very passionate about it. She has worked very hard to make it successful and after her show, Unsellable Houses has begun to air her company’s business has improved. Along with her sister, Leslie Lyndsay is making money in her business. So what is Lyndsay Lamb’s net worth? According to reports, Lyndsay has a net worth of around $2.0 million. She has earned this by working hard all through her working life like in Bank of America, Dream Dinners, also for the show Custom Project. For each episode of Unsellable Houses Lyndsay gets around $10,000 which has added significantly to her overall net worth. She started Lamb Real Estate in 2008 and the company has run smoothly and profitable except for a short while when her son Miles was diagnosed with cancer. He later recovered.

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Leslie Davis’ Net Worth

What is Leslie Davis’ net worth? According to reports Leslie’s net worth is between $1.0-1.5 million and it is increasing with every episode of Unsellable Houses. By 2020 their real estate company had sold more than 300 houses so there is no doubt that the twins have a profitable business going on. They both get paid for every episode and Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis’ salary will increase in the future as their show has become very popular with the viewers. Lyndsay and Leslie own other businesses as well and they too have invested in properties. They own several cars as well and one of their biggest pleasures is driving people around to show them homes while listening to music all the time.

The Sisters are on a Roll!

Lyndsay and Leslie are very close and the funny thing is that their husbands were roommates in college apart from being in the same high school earlier. Lyndsay and Leslie love flipping houses and have made a name and fortune for themselves. If you want to know what makes them click just go ahead and watch Unsellable Houses on HGTV every week.

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