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Reality TV series featuring parents with a large number of children have become very popular in America in the last decade primarily because many families are not nuclear and have a disproportionate number of children that they can barely afford to raise. It is indeed a very surprising thing that while most parents struggle to raise even one or two children many parents keep having children and don’t think about the cost of raising them financially and psychologically among other measures. One such reality TV show that has made a big splash in recent times is Doubling Down with the Derricos featuring the husband-wife pair of Karen and Deon Derrico and their big caravan of kids. Though it has been on the air for just a year now the show Doubling Down with the Derricos has become very popular with viewers and they are tuning in every week to see how the family handles life daily.

What is “Doubling Down with the Derricos?”


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Doubling Down with the Derricos is an American reality TV series that premiered on the TV channel TLC on August 11, 2020, and is aired every Tuesday at 10:00 pm. It features the father Deon Derrico and the mother Karen Derrico and their big gang of 14 children. You read this right! Karen and Deon Derrico have 14 children as of now but the way the count of children has grown since their marriage in 2005 it won’t be surprising if more kids join in the years to come. It is obvious Karen and Deon love having a large family but their family size has grown exponentially because Karen has had a set of quintuplets, triplets, and twins on different occasions. Though they have been married for only 15 years they have 14 kids already. Talk about not wasting a single moment! Doubling Down with the Derricos’ Karen Derrico comes from a big family herself so when she married Deon it is not surprising that she talked him into having so many kids. Just kidding! Deon surely had something to do with the relentless addition of kids pretty regularly.

The More the Merrier!


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Born on February 26, 1980, in Kingstree, South Carolina, USA, Karen Derrico’s age is 41 years. She now lives with Deon and her children in Las Vegas, Texas, and is now a homemaker. Before her marriage, she worked for a while as a flight attendant but after her nuptials, she settled down to make a home for Deon. A little known fact about Karen is that she loves to dance and does so even now and it is only apt that she met Deon for the first time at a club in Detroit, Michigan, in 2002. Now it’s her children who keep her on her toes at all times! Karen Derrico’s kids are named Darian, Derrick, Dallas, Denver, Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Diez, Dior, Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver respectively. The fact that jumps out at everyone is that all 14 children have their names beginning with the letter “D.” Not many people know that the Derricos also have an adopted son named Derron aged 28 years but unfortunately they are estranged from him.  

Is Karen Derrico Pregnant Again?


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Karen Derrico and Deon suspected that she was pregnant again in late 2020 after she suffered from nausea and vomiting. They went to the doctor who confirmed that Karen was indeed pregnant. The couple was very happy but when they went to the doctor later for the next check-up the doctor gave them the terrible news – Karen had suffered a miscarriage. The couple was devastated by this unexpected news and since then have struggled to come to terms with it. Karen Derrico was pregnant in late 2020 but suffered a miscarriage soon after that and lost the baby. Since then the parents have found solace in the fact that they still have 14 children with them and raising them will give them purpose and direction in life. Since then there has been no news on the pregnancy front from the Derricos. As this year progresses well into its latter part there is no news of Karen Derrico being pregnant again as of August 5, 2021. This doesn’t mean there will not be more new Derricos kids in the near future. They may just take a little longer than usual to join this already enormous household!

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