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This is the age of the “Do It Yourself” philosophy popularly known as simply DIY. People are being encouraged to do things themselves in all fields without calling the relevant experts so that people can develop their skills and become self-reliant. So everybody is fixing their own bathroom hot water pipes themselves and if little Johnny is hyperactive and needs to calm down then Aunt Thelma who is just 42 years old is there to help! For the longest time, it appeared that there was no downside to the DIY philosophy as people were up-skilling themselves constantly. Now there appears to be a big chink in this armour and HGTV is taking immediate advantage of it. On September 12, 2020, HGTV premiered their brand new TV show Help! I Wrecked My House with home renovation and building contractor Jasmine Roth at its helm. Season 1 of this show has been a big success with over 16 million viewers tuning in regularly to watch the Jasmine Roth Help! I Wrecked My House episodes without fail. This show has generated a big interest in the show’s star so here are a few details from Jasmine Roth’s wiki.

Who is Jasmine Roth?

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Born on September 17, 1984, in New Jersey, USA, to her mother Terry Mueller and her father Jasmine Roth’s age is 37 years now. Jasmine was raised by her family which had quite a bit of money because both parents invested in real estate but also spent a lot of their time building and renovating houses. Jasmine saw her parents renovate near-derelict houses and turn them into bright liveable homes and that sparked her interest in renovating houses at a very young age. After graduating from the Shenandoah Valley Academy in New Market, Virginia, she enrolled at the Northeastern University School of Business in Boston, Massachusetts, and earned a business degree in entrepreneurship and new venture management. She then moved to California to begin a career in corporate consulting but the childhood lure of working with houses proved to be irresistible. She turned her childhood dreams into a business reality by opening her own boutique development company called Built Custom Homes LLC wherein as the founder and owner she works on her projects with a completely hands-on approach. Her profile was lifted when she appeared on shows such as Rock the Block, A Very Brady Renovation, and Hidden Potential.

Thanks to Roth’s Hard Work the Money is Pouring In

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In Hidden Potential Jasmine Roth transformed real down and out cluttered houses into custom dream homes for excited buyers for two seasons before hitting the big time with her successful new TV show Help! I Wrecked My House. HGTV’s proposition to DIY lovers was simple – Why toil for so many hours and spend on raw materials when a renowned renovation expert like Jasmine Roth could do a much better higher quality job at less cost? More and more DIY lovers are falling in love with this proposition since Jasmine Roth’s show has begun. Now Jasmine Roth is making money as well doing what she would even do for free! Well, maybe not for free! In December 2020, her custom-built house in Huntington Beach, California, was valued at $2.19 million and according to reports Jasmine Roth’s net worth is currently around $2.0 million. With her burgeoning career in home renovation TV shows and her company’s multiple projects moving forward Jasmine Roth will surely make a lot more money in the future.

Birth of Baby Daughter was a Joyous Event

People are curious about Jasmine Roth’s family and personal life. They often ask – Is Jasmine Roth Jewish? She is partly Jewish but not fully. Roth is of Jewish-Germanic ethnicity and her maiden name is Jasmine Yrizzarry but she changed it to Jasmine Roth after her marriage. Jasmine Roth’s husband is Brett Roth, an entrepreneur, whom she met while both were studying in college in Boston and later they got married in Park City, Utah, in 2013. Jasmine Roth’s baby daughter was born on April 21, 2020, and the proud parents named her Hazel Lynn Roth and now she is undoubtedly the epicentre of their busy lives. The only problem after Hazel’s birth was Jasmine Roth’s nose bleeds which happened regularly and reached a peak of 20-30 a day before she underwent a medical procedure to stop them. Luckily an efficient doctor fixed Jasmine Roth’s nose bleeds problem permanently and after that, she was able to take care of baby Hazel without any interruptions.

Just Trust Jasmine Roth to Do Everything Better!

People who want to see Jasmine Roth working her magic on her show Help! I Wrecked My House should head over to her Instagram account. Jasmine Roth’s Instagram account has lots of photos where she is seen working hard and making bad houses into good ones. Roth uses her knowledge, technical skills, talent, creativity, imagination, and intuition to turn homes that most people have written off into beautiful homes that everybody wants to live in. When Roth is busy working her job people are thinking all the while exactly what HGTV and Jasmine Roth want them to think – “We did the smartest thing by getting Jasmine Roth to turn around our house into something beautiful and comfortable instead of breaking our heads over it!”

So everybody who is watching the HGTV show Help! I Wrecked My House is now saying – “Why DIY when Jasmine Roth can do it better?”

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