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Serial killers continue to hunt and kill in America and a large section of the population is endlessly fascinated by them. That explains the glut of books, magazines, TV shows, and movies that keep coming out on them. One such serial killer is Gary Hilton who is also known as the National Forest Serial Killer. He is also the subject of intense curiosity regarding his heinous crimes and what he did with the victims and his modus operandi. People want to know more about him and what kind of deranged man he is. Here are a few details from Gary Hilton’s wiki.

Who is Gary Hilton?

Born in 1946 Gary Hilton was a troublemaker from a young age. In 1959, at the age of 13 years, he shot and wounded his stepfather Nilo because he believed he had taken away his mother. Nilo sent him away to a mental hospital where he got some treatment. At the age of 17 years, Hilton enlisted in the army and was stationed in Germany as a part of the Davy Crockett Platoon. He started hearing voices and on examination, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was given an honourable discharge from the army and he spent some more time in a mental hospital. Not much is known about what he did after that but he did marry three times but never had any children.

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Hilton Killed at least Six People

Hilton loved the outdoors and often went hiking with his dog named Dandy. The dog always accompanied him later when he started killing people in the forests often when they were out hiking. Hilton killed his victims in the states of North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Hilton is believed to have killed at least six people and some of his victims were women. He has been charged and tried in the deaths of Meredith Emerson, Cheryl Dunlap, John and Irene Bryant, and two others.

An Evil & Brutal Killing

It’s not just that Hilton killed six people, it’s how brutally he killed them. In the case of Cheryl Dunlap, he kidnapped her when she was reading a book in the Leon Sinks Geological Area and kept her captive for two days. He stole money from her bank account, stole her car, and when he was done with her he beheaded her and later burnt her head and arms at his camp located in the Apalachicola National Forest. Such was his evil and cruel nature. At his trial, his lawyers argued that Hilton was mentally unwell and couldn’t be held responsible for his crimes. They said that his mental condition and his actions were the results of the extreme abuse he suffered when he was a child.

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A Movie on his Crimes?

However, the courts did not accept the defense plea and sentenced him to death row. Today Hilton is on death row at Union C.I. and there is no possibility of him getting parole. However, given the resources and freedom criminals often get in America Hilton is suspected to have been involved in the making of a movie titled Deadly Run. It is a movie that has many similarities to the crimes he has been convicted of.

Enjoying his More than 15 Minutes of Fame!

Hilton has not stopped fighting for his freedom yet and was reported to have told his lawyers “I want to take this to trial and I want to waste the state’s money if they’re going to put me to death.” There is already a healthy interest or rather unhealthy interest in the life and crimes of Gary Hilton. There is a book titled Trails of Death that chronicles the crimes of Gary Hilton and is being sold on and also in bookshops. Just shows that in America even a serial killer will have more than his or her 15 minutes of fame.

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