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Cooking is a fine art and it takes a lot of hard work to be good at it. A good cook can conjure up a dish made from raw ingredients and put it on the table much to the amazement of everyone watching. When the person takes the first bite of the dish and rolls the food morsel on his or her tongue then the person knows what a supreme art form good cooking is. He or she knows why all through history good cooks and good food have always occupied a place of pride in the world. The TV show Crime Scene Kitchen celebrates this and has become quite popular with the viewers. It is an innovative show that has caught the imagination of the viewers and is getting more interesting with every episode that has been telecast.

What is “Crime Scene Kitchen?”

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Crime Scene Kitchen is a cooking show on Fox that premiered on May 26, 2021, with the telecast of its first episode. It is still in its first season and so far only four episodes have been aired. However, the show has become a talking point for cooking enthusiasts because of its innovative nature. The show is hosted by Joel McHale and at the beginning of each episode, he goes to the scene of the “crime” – a kitchen that was just used for making a tasty dessert that is now not to be seen. There are Crime Scene Kitchen contestants who now come in. They are divided into teams made up of two chefs each and they have to search the kitchen for ingredients left behind, clues, and tell-tale signs to figure out what had been baked earlier. Then each team must recreate the recipe for this dish and tell the celebrity judges Curtis Stone and Yolanda Gampp.

Big Money is at Stake

They must now cook this dish and obviously, the best dish will be selected by the judges. There is a $100,000 prize for the taking but it’s not easy to win that. The teams have to demonstrate that they have the technical knowledge, imagination, and problem-solving skills to figure out what was cooked and then make those incredible desserts and cakes that have been chosen from all over the world. One of the teams who are in this competition is the mother-daughter duo of Carolyn and Caroline. That’s right. Carolyn and Caroline! Their full names are Carolyn Tunon and Caroline Schimdt and they are from Miami, Florida. They are from an outfit named SoFlo’s Baked 305 Miami and have impressed viewers with their passion and acumen for cooking.

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A Well Qualified Mother-Daughter Duo

Carolyn Tunon is the mother and works as a baker at Baked305 which is located in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale Area. Her daughter Caroline Schimdt is an administrator at Dynamic Wellness in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. She studied at Florida Atlantic University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in marketing and advertising. She has been working since 2016 after graduating from college and has held several positions like recruiting assistant, office administrator, and administrator. She has worked in organizations such as Creative Financial Network, Cardone Training Technologies Inc., Global Healthcare Advisors LLC, and now is a full-time employee at Dynamic Wellness in Miami, Florida.

A Very Formidable Team

Carolyn and Caroline at Crime Scene Kitchen are a very interesting pair and the viewers are very kicked about the fact that they are a mother and daughter duo. They have great chemistry and have shown very good teamwork in the time they have spent on the show. They have good experience in cooking with the mother Carolyn leading the way and have a good nose for figuring out what was cooked at the scene of the “crime” – the kitchen used for the show. Unfortunately they were eliminated early on in the show but they made quite a mark. Carolyn and Caroline on Crime Scene Kitchen were a formidable team that had it in them to challenge every other team. Now Carolyn and Caroline on Crime Scene Kitchen are gone but they were fun to watch. The show will go on and viewers will enjoy the episodes to follow. Look sharp, the game is afoot!

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