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Social media is very exciting for many reasons and one of them is that one can get an innovative and interesting idea and use social media to popularize it in quick time. For many years now a lot of people are doing it and starting new trends which spread like a forest fire. Most of the time they have fun with this idea and millions of people enjoy and partake in it. Sometimes there is a backlash and people don’t enjoy it. TikTok is one such media platform that is being increasingly used by people especially young people to start new trends and have fun. A couple of trends have become very popular in the last few days on TikTok and a lot of people are talking about them. They both involve cars while women and cheese are also in the picture. Curious are we? Not surprising at all. After all, what’s happening on TikTok concerning cars, cheese, and women? One new TikTok trend is being called the “car trend TikTok.” People want the car trend TikTok explained to them so that they can figure out what’s the new fun in town.

Everyone Say Cheese!


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In the first TikTok trend somebody issued a challenge that makes people throw slices of cheese at babies and passing cars. The trend of throwing cheese slices at passing cars has caught on and now has spread all across America. It’s happening in places as wide apart as Anderson Township, Ohio, and Central Texas and drivers are getting out of their cars and even trucks only to find slices of cheese stuck to their vehicles. Cheese slices are being thrown at passing cars and getting stuck to their sides and even windows leaving the drivers pretty mad but also deeply confused. They are asking – Who the hell throws cheese at cars? Now reports are coming in that cheese is being thrown at even SUVs, buses, and motorcycles now. The problem is that these cheese slices are melting on the cars under the hot sun and making a mess. The acids in the melted cheese are damaging the paint of the cars as well. According to police reports some teenagers have been charged with throwing cheese at vehicles and investigations are going on. This car trend TikTok started in the USA but now has spread to neighbouring Canada as well.

Would You Date a Used Car?

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Some people are now advising the teenagers who are excited about this cheese prank that this could be dangerous for the cars and cause accidents. The only problem is – When was the last time teenagers listened to older people offering them advice? The other trend on TikTok that is garnering attention is not physical but a matter of attitude but according to people it is very disturbing. In it, women are likening themselves to used cars and describing themselves to get attention from members of the opposite sex. In it women are listed like cars and men can check them out and make their opinion about their attractiveness quotient. The surprise is that it is the women themselves who are doing this. So this one time men will find themselves not being labelled as sexist. Did we just hear millions of men sighing relief? In this new TikTok trend women are advertising themselves by describing their colourful dating history as if they were a used vehicle and getting men excited.

Women Getting Angry at Women!

The women are using terms commonly used in the used car business like listing their exes as “previous owners,” the number of previous sexual partners as “body count,” body type and personality as “year” and “make and model,” tattoos as “stickers,” their condition as “used” and “reliable.” Here are a couple of exciting examples – 1] Previous owners: 11, Mileage: 8, Year: 2004, Make/Model: Virgo, Colour: Orange; 2] Previous owners: 0, Miles: 0, Year: 1998, Make & Model: wannabe ginger from Germany, Stickers: 0, Accessories: 1, Condition: big oof. Many of these women are using a portion of the classic song “Let’s Groove” by the soul band Earth, Wind and Fire and putting them on the TikTok videos they have created to advertise themselves as used cars. Nobody knows who started this trend but it has been getting popular since last Sunday. Many people mostly women are slamming this growing trend and asking why are these women objectifying themselves. Some have taken to social media to express their disapproval and displeasure. One woman wrote – “fr like why are you objectifying urself like that.”

Girls are Just Having Fun!


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These young women are not listening to the disapproving voices. At least not yet. They are having fun and not interested in being politically correct. Isn’t that a song that all girls love – Girls just wanna have fun! In this new age of political correctness when even laughing at a funny joke comes with rules and regulations many young women just want to be themselves and have some freedom. TikTok and other social media give them a chance to do that. So don’t be surprised if this new trend of women listed like used cars keeps growing and we see many more such creative but disturbing trends in the future. The best way to handle this is to keep an open mind and a cool temperament!

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