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Boxing has been very popular for a long time and many men believe that it is the ultimate masculine sport. Two strong men hitting each other no holds barred without caring if the other man will live or not. They think it is the honourable way to settle an argument or a difference of opinion and prove to oneself and the world that you are a real man. Women’s opinions on boxing simply don’t count. In the last couple of decades, there has been a change in this type of thinking in some quarters and now some people are speaking up against boxing. They are vocal that this sport is inhuman, it demeans human beings, and it is now very well documented that it is very dangerous for the men and women who participate in it. The tragic case of boxer Prichard Colon illustrates this point so painfully that most people are unable to deal with it. Some people know about the devastating injury that Prichard Colon suffered while boxing but many people do not know about this. They are asking – What happened to Prichard Colon? Prichard Colon’s story is a morality tale that tells people that greed for glory and money at any cost almost always has tragic consequences. Many times the good folks have to pay the price.

Who is Prichard Colon?

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Born on September 19, 1992, in Maitland, Florida, USA, Prichard Colon is an American former professional boxer who was an honorary WBC World Champion and he won a gold medal at the 2010 Panamerican Youth Championship in the boxing category. After having a short successful career as an amateur boxer Colon decided to enter professional boxing in 2012. His amateur career was brilliant with a record of 170-15. For the next three years, Colon fought tough boxers and did well but then fate conspired to put him on a collision course with a boxer named Terrel Williams. The fight took place on October 17, 2015, at the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, and Colon’s life changed irrevocably. Colon and Williams fought bitterly for nine rounds and Colon appeared ahead in the first five but something unethical and brutal was going on right under the referee’s nose. All through the match, Terrel Williams kept punching Colon in the back of his head and this was illegal. Colon told the referee about this but the referee was simply unconcerned and told Colon “You take care of it.” Williams kept punching Colon in the back of his head until Colon couldn’t take it anymore and was knocked down in the ninth round. It was the first time that Colon had been knocked down in his professional career.

The Devastating Result of Sporting Madness

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The fight was stopped after the ninth round and Colon was incoherent and started experiencing giddiness. He started vomiting and was taken to a hospital where the doctors discovered that his brain was bleeding. Colon went into a coma that lasted for a never-ending 221 days. After many weeks of intense treatment Colon was shifted to his mother’s home in Orlando, Florida, where his mother started taking care of him. Where is Prichard Colon today? He is still in his mother’s house and since April 2017 he has remained in a regularly vegetative state. In 2017 Colon’s parents filed a lawsuit seeking damages for more than $50.0 million but many people believe that they will never be awarded this compensation.

Will Prichard Colon’s Tragic Life Bring Any Change?

People still talk about Prichard Colon’s last fight and what happened to him. In 2017 Williams spoke to the media about his fight with Colon and expressed regret for what happened to Colon. Though he did not take responsibility for what he did to Colon he wished Colon peace and expressed hope that it wouldn’t happen to anybody in the future. Nobody has forgiven Williams even today and he remains a hated figure in boxing circles since that fateful day. Regarding the state of Prichard Colon now 2021 he is taking physical therapy and slowly responding to verbal commands. He is learning to communicate through a computer and though he is suffering from extensive brain damage there is a part of him that is trying to get better. Colon’s mother is fighting a lonely battle to help her son live life despite his disabilities while the world continues to go about its business. Prichard Colon is just 29 years old! The heart-breaking story of Prichard Colon’s life and fights should warn everyone that boxing is a brutal activity and it kills its practitioners. It’s time to rethink if boxing should still be considered a sport and be allowed to go on unchecked. The next Prichard Colon is just around the corner!

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