guillaume cizeron and gabriella papadakis wardrobe malfunction
Photo: Instagram/Guillaume Cizeron/Gabriella Papadakis

Sadly, sometimes a single unfortunate unforeseen event can become so big in everybody’s mind and eyes that it casts a big shadow over the person to whom it happened. That person is traumatized and later wants to move on but that incident is so publicized that it follows him or her everywhere. Especially if the person is a woman and the incident is a wardrobe malfunction. It happens a lot in the glamour business because of the nature of the work involved and they deal with it differently. When it happens to a woman who is not in that sphere then it becomes much more difficult to get over it because she is not equipped with that particular mind-set. This is what happened to French ice dancer and ice skater Gabriella Papadakis on February 18, 2018, at the Winter Olympics in South Korea when she was doing her routine along with skating partner Guillaume Cizeron. It’s a wardrobe malfunction that caused a sensation at the Winter Olympics and it has been very hard for Gabriella Papadakis to get over it.

The Unfortunate Moment of Helplessness

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The Guillaume Cizeron and Gabriella Papadakis wardrobe malfunction happened when they were in the initial part of their dance routine and were in second place at that time in the rankings. Her dress which came with a halter top got unfastened at the start of the routine and then the lower part of her breast was visible. Papadakis had thrown herself back as part of her moves and her dress rode upwards and her breast got revealed. That visual was captured by the cameras and was telecast live all across the world and later played on the slow-motion TV screens in the skating arena. The networks milked it and millions of people got to see this embarrassing moment that was talked about for a long time. Papadakis realized immediately that her dress has malfunctioned and she had only a moment to decide whether she wanted to stop the routine and take care of this or continue with the performance.

Her Incredibly Brave & Strong Decision!

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It is to her credit and her strong character that she took only a split second and made the momentous decision to continue with the routine. She knew what was at stake. If she stopped they were out of the race to win a medal, her partner would understand but would be deeply disappointed with this twist of fate, and fans all over the world would wonder sadly what could have happened if this incident had not happened. So she tried her best to cover up without sacrificing any aspect of her performance and carried gamely on. It’s a decision and performance for which she is respected all across the sporting world even today. Though she was in tears for a long time after that incident the pair won second place in the short dance category and were rewarded with a silver medal. No sportswoman or man who participated in that 2018 Winter Olympics deserved a medal more than Gabriella Papadakis.

Looking Forward with Determination!

Gabriella Papadakis has regularly been described as an elegant dancer on ice skates all through her long career. She and Cizeron are a royal couple of ice skating and people still wait for their performances which leave them spellbound. Fans and lovers of ice skating are waiting for the next Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron Winter Olympics performance which will likely take place in February 2022 in Beijing, China. Both of them have not been able to take part in professional ice skating events for a while now because of the Covid-19 pandemic but are eager to do so. The coming months will allow them to train for the big event and they will be determined to wipe out the bad memories of 2018 and win the gold medal that narrowly eluded them in South Korea. The world is wishing them the best!

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