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Marvellous Marvin Hagler is no more. The former undisputed middleweight world boxing champion passed away on Saturday, March 14, 20121, at the relatively young age of 66 years. His was a glittering boxing career where he emerged with 62 wins, three losses, and two draws and sealed his place as one of the best and most successful boxers in his weight category of all time. Now that he is dead people are mourning the loss of a great sportsman and are also curious about his personal life. Marvin Hagler married twice in his life and his first wife was Bertha Hagler. Here are some details from Bertha Hagler’s wiki for you.

Marvin Hagler’s First Wife

marvin hagler first wife
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Bertha married Marvin in 1980 and stayed married to him for a decade till 1990. She bore him five children during this period and Bertha Hagler’s kids are named Charelle, Celeste, Marvin Jr., James, and Gentry. They divorced in 1990 and then went their separate ways even though Hagler remained an important presence in his children’s lives. Hagler married his second wife Kay Guarrera in 2000 and they were still together when he passed away recently in 2021. Bertha Hagler’s marriage to Marvin was not a happy one by any standard. Their marriage had problems and at the time of their divorce, Bertha accused Marvin of abuse and moved the court seeking custody of their five children.

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Financial Details are Fuzzy

Marvin owned several homes including the ones at Brockton and Bartlett, New Hampshire, but was forced to fork out a large amount of money as alimony for Bertha and as maintenance for his five children. At the time of his death, Hagler’s net worth was around $40.0 million which surprised people as during his heydays he received some of the biggest prize money as fees for his much-publicized boxing matches with fellow legends like Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberta Duran. People are curious to know the net worth of Bertha but details are not known. Bertha has always been a very private person and after her divorce, from Hagler, she has consciously avoided the limelight. She has constantly sought to protect her children and herself from the harsh glare of the media so that they have a regular normal life.

A Contentious Divorce

Bertha has always hidden the details of her family life and not much is known about her parents, siblings, and even her children. What is known about her is that she is an African-American and is a legal American holding an American nationality. People are curious about Bertha Hagler’s age and according to reports she is in her early 60s. It is not known if she remarried after her divorce from her ex-husband Marvin Hagler. At the time of Hagler’s death, Bertha was not on good terms with her husband as she had sought protection from the court from her husband after having accused him of domestic abuse. Hagler was happy with his second wife and that was another reason why there was a vast emotional gulf between Bertha and Hagler at the time of his death.

A Reclusive Person

where is bertha hagler now
Photo: Instagram/berthahagler

During all the years from her divorce in 1990 till Hagler’s death in 2021, Bertha avoided the media at all costs and kept herself and her children away from the limelight. Hagler’s life during his peak boxing years was virtually an ongoing circus and after her divorce, Bertha wanted no part of it and went to great lengths to stay away from the eyes of the prying media. In this endeavour, she was very successful which is why it is so difficult to get any information on Bertha Hagler and her personal life. Hagler too did not talk about his first wife especially after his divorce from her.

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A Gigantic Responsibility

Now that Hagler is dead the responsibility of raising and caring for her five children has fallen solely on Bertha Hagler. She will take this responsibility with the utmost sincerity and seriousness that she always has and do a fine job of it. Bertha Hagler may not be a boxer but she is a fighter all the same. Her life so far stands testimony to that.

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