Who is the Mysterious Malibu Shooter

When you go camping with your family in a generally considered safe campsite to enjoy some quality time with them the last thing on your mind is a violent end to your idyllic holiday. You go there so that you and your family can wind down and catch up on life itself which has passed you by as you have been busy with the logistics of daily living. That somebody will point a gun and shoot you dead is the farthest thing on your mind. That’s exactly what happened to Tristan Beaudette when he went camping with his family to Malibu Creek State Park on a Thursday in late June 2018. In the night when Beaudette and his family were sleeping at the camp, he was shot through the head and he died on the spot. So who is this mysterious Malibu shooter?

Who’s the Man?

This shooter who was not identified at that time is also known as the Malibu Canyon shooter and his rampage of killings and shootings has shocked the nation and has had everybody clamoring for his arrest. Everybody who has heard of this spate of deadly shootings has been pursuing the concerned authorities and putting pressure on them to stop, identify, arrest and punish this shooter who has no regard for human lives. The one question that has been on everybody’s lips is – Who is the Malibu shooter?

Has Malibu Shooter been Arrested?

If the authorities are right then they have got the man responsible for this spate of shootings that held the entire Malibu area at ransom and the entire country in morbid fascination. In January 2019, they arrested a man named Anthony Rauda aged 42 years and charged him with almost 12 counts of shootings that left one man dead and others seriously wounded even as this rampage terrorized the entire Southern California state for almost two years. Rauda was on parole at the time of the shootings and he has also been charged with 10 counts of attempted murder. He was arrested in October 2018 when the local sheriff’s deputies saw Rauda dressed in black clothes on a ridge with a backpack on his back. When they got close they saw a rifle sticking out of his backpack and they took him in.

The Authorities are Convinced

After an investigation, Rauda was sentenced to 160 days in the county jail for breaking the parole rules and for the illegal possession of a deadly weapon. A detailed investigation convinced the authorities that Anthony Rauda was indeed the man behind the deadly shootings that held the entire state in thrall for almost two years with people fearing for their lives and staying away from Malibu Creek State Park. The prosecutor’s office released a statement that said that they have connected Rauda to all the shootings and as per the official process the mysterious Malibu shooter was now under arrest. The entire state of California heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this and let go of their bated breath when they realized that the Malibu shooter was now caught and not free.

Malibu Shooter Claims Innocence

There was further drama when Anthony Rauda entered a plea of “not guilty.” However, the authorities are confident that they have the right man and all the evidence that will be required to put the man away in jail for the rest of his life or even seek the death penalty. All is not well for the authorities though. They have been hit with multiple lawsuits for failing to inform citizens of the shootings even though they were aware of multiple shooting incidents. Tristan Beaudette’s widow has filed a $90.0 million lawsuit against the state park’s law enforcement officials for failing to inform them of the lurking danger in the park.

A Family Torn Apart!

The man at the center of this storm is Anthony Rauda and he and his lawyers are trying everything possible to escape from the charges against him. The fact that he was out on parole even though he was mentally disturbed has made people question the judicial system in California once again. The New Yorker has run a series of detailed articles on this shooting spree and subsequent arrest of Anthony Rauda who has been given the monikers of Malibu Shooter and A Shooter in the Hills. While Rauda may yet pay for his crimes Tristan Beaudette is dead and will never see his two daughters grow up into the fine young women he wanted them to. Anthony Rauda if guilty made sure of that!

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