halloween and black cats
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The truth is there is simply no cure for superstitions. People will continue to believe what they want to believe no matter what evidence is presented which tells them they are wrong. That’s because superstitions don’t rest on logic or even reality. People are irrational and feel safe and secure believing in what makes them feel better. There are so many superstitions out there that one wonders if it is possible to do anything at all without someone piping up and saying that for this reason, you should not do this. Black cats are one of them. Black cats are one of the most maligned creatures in the world and are blamed for so many things that one wonders if the whole world is against them. Dislike and hatred for black cats are just forms of racism. After all, people love and cuddle cats of other colours especially white. For some reason, black cats get people’s goats and end up being treated cruelly and viciously. Halloween 2021 is coming up soon and so black cats have a lot to worry about.

Remembering the Dead & Having a Fun Time!

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Halloween and black cats have a long history with each other. Halloween is celebrated in many Western countries on October 31 every year on the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. On this day people remember the dead including saints, martyrs, and all the departed. Halloween celebrations include activities such as trick-or-treating, costume parties, lighting bonfires, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, playing pranks, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions and places, watching horror films, and telling scary stories thereby making it an exciting festival. Both children and adults have a great time indulging in Halloween traditions and activities. It’s not all fun and games only but there is a negative side to Halloween as well. Some entities and things are considered bad and people avoid them. Black cats fall under this category. Black cats are one of the more widespread Halloween superstitions that people believe in. Black cats have been the subject of superstitions for a long time.

Black Cats Have Always Been Hated Since Medieval Times

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In medieval France and Spain, it was believed that black cats bring bad luck and curses to any human being they come near to and they were associated with witchcraft. Many Germans used to believe that a curse would fall upon them if a black cat crossed their path by walking from left to right. Superstitions and hatred against black cats started in the United States when the Pilgrims settled in the Plymouth colony from 1620 to 1691 in the area which is now known as Massachusetts. The puritan Pilgrims associated black cats with witches and sorcery and actively persecuted them. They began burning black cats on Shrove Tuesdays as they believed that this would protect their homes from catching fire. Thankfully the blind and cruel hatred towards black cats has subsided over the years thanks to people evolving and getting educated and now many of these ruthless practices are not taking place in America.

Black Cats Always Get Treated Badly Especially on Halloween

So what do people do with black cats on Halloween? People use black cats as a Halloween symbol now. People put real black cats or toy black cats on the front steps of their homes on Halloween to add a frightful and unnerving ambiance to their celebrations. The black cats with their green eyes spook people who look at them especially children who turn up at homes with their trick-or-treat requests. Unfortunately, after Halloween is over many people just dump these living black cats somewhere after using them as “living decorations” now that their need is over. Black cats are rarely adopted and even regular people have a distaste for them. Some shelters refuse to adopt a black cat, especially before Halloween. Black cats have a bad life whichever way one looks at it. When Halloween comes around all the old superstitions come back to life and the ill-treatment of black cats reaches a new high. Unless some strong positive measures are enforced to protect these felines this destructive relationship between Halloween and black cats will continue every year. Black cats are just like cats of lighter colours and they should be treated with the same care and tenderness that people show towards the more “lovable” cats. Doing it on Halloween would be a great first step towards this goal!

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