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Racism has always been present in the USA but of late it has been rearing its ugly head pretty regularly. Whether it’s racism against Africans or Asians in recent times the number of reported incidents has gone up dramatically. It’s sad because America has always been known for its diversity and inclusiveness and that has made it the place of choice for immigrants from all over the world. Now comes the news of another alleged racist incident that concerns Maura Moynihan, the daughter of late Patrick Moynihan, the famous politician, and diplomat and like all incidents of this kind the matter is being investigated. People meanwhile are curious to know about Maura so here are a few details from Maura Moynihan’s wiki.

A Heated Argument

This alleged racist incident occurred in Manhattan, New York City, on Sunday, March 14, 2021, when an Asian-American couple had a verbal encounter with a woman and they exchanged words. This white woman was later identified as Maura Moynihan. 25-year old Maria Ha has said that she was arguing with Moynihan when Maura allegedly told her randomly to “go back to China.” Ha was shocked and she ran to get her husband Dan Lee who arrived at the spot even as Moynihan was getting into a cab. Lee recorded this encounter where Moynihan repeatedly claims that Lee is assaulting her. Lee claims that Moynihan said these words “Go back to f***ing China.” When Lee asked her to repeat her words Moynihan allegedly said “Well, isn’t that where you’re from?”

A Prestigious Background

Though Moynihan has denied using racist slurs the police are investigating this troubling incident. Why this incident is so disturbing is because Moynihan is quite accomplished and comes from a famous family who would usually be expected to be sensitive about such issues. Moynihan was born on July 25, 1957, in Albany, New York, to a politician father and a writer mother and went to the prestigious Harvard University from where she picked up a BA in 1980. Moynihan converted to Hinduism later and politically calls herself a “Liberal Democrat.” She is a published writer and has done a lot of work over the years.

Poetry was her Passion

Among the things that Moynihan has done are founding a multilingual radio program, co-creating a comedy duo, and working at various times as a journalist, clothing designer, and rock musician. She is a director at Moynihan Station Citizen’s Group and a respected consultant on refugee groups specializing in countries such as India, Tibet, and Nepal. Moynihan has confessed earlier in life to the media that her earliest ambition was to become a poet and she started writing poetry when she was barely five years old. However, given the lack of support for poets, she chose more practical vocations in life though she has written a bit. She has written a book of short stories named Yoga Hotel published in 2003 and is currently working on a work named Covergirl.

An Inspired & Talented Writer

Moynihan says that she has been inspired and influenced by Victorian novelists and by writers such as Mary McCarthy, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. She has been especially attached to India and has derived inspiration from its massive diversity. Moynihan likes to write about people in conflict and explores issues such as money, class, sex, race, and religion in her writings. Moynihan has varied artistic interests and her hobbies include dance, music, and languages. Moynihan is very active on social media and is much followed on Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Telegram. She lives in New York and, unfortunately, she is caught up in this disturbing incident in her native city.

May Peace & Tolerance Reign!

She is married and Maura Moynihan’s husband is John Franklin Avedon who is a writer and an author. He has been divorced once before and studied at Sarah Lawrence College and the couple has a son named Michael Avedon. While Moynihan is vehemently denying that she used racist language the Asian-American couple is sticking to their guns and is cooperating in this official investigation into this incident. China is the object of hate in America for various reasons and tempers are running high in both countries. The climate is politically charged up and with people of various ethnicities rubbing shoulders in New York City it has become painful to watch people trading slurs. While the actual incident will hopefully come to light after the investigation, sadly, an accomplished person like Maura Moynihan has been accused. May the truth come out and people live in peace again. America needs this more than ever before!

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