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The world of snack foods is a very cutthroat competitive world where brands fight bitter and bloody battles for market share. There is all kind of snack foods and all kinds of brands – big, medium, and small, niche, and limited edition – and they fight gigantic wars to get a share of the consumer spending pie. There are multinational companies that operate globally, big companies that are powerful within their mother countries, and many smaller companies that have a stronghold on the local markets. If the consumers are looking for variety then these companies are providing the products. A behemoth like the Frito-Lay company has to work harder than anybody else. They have big global brands which are under attack by numerous competitors and they have a bigger stake in every aspect of the food business than anybody else. One of the things they just have to do is to keep launching new products and brands in the market to satisfy the never-ending demands of the ever-hungry consumers.

An Innovative & Tempting Snack!


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As part of this constant effort to give new products and snack food options to their consumers and to attract new ones, Frito-Lay has just launched a new product that they have named Lay’s Wavy Funyuns. It has been launched along with another brand Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch and they both have the same concept. They are both potato chips but with new flavours. Funyuns have always been popular with snack food lovers all over the world where Frito-Lay sells its products so it made complete sense for the company to leverage its popularity. What Frito-Lay has done with Wavy Funyuns is made potato chips with large, gently curving shapes with ripples and light yellow colour and given them the unique Funyuns onion flavour. So now consumers can get the tasty flavour of onion Funyuns on potato chips and have a snack that is innovative and exciting. Frito-Lay has branded these potato chips Lay’s Wavy Onions and you get onion flavoured potato chips that you can chomp down anytime anywhere!

Reasonably Priced & Available Nationwide

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When consumers bite on the Wavy Funyuns they will feel like they are eating Funyuns with an entirely new and different taste, crunch, and shape. Frito-Lay, which is a subsidiary of the massive conglomerate PepsiCo, has named this two-product range the Lay’s Flavour Swap line-up. The only problem is that this is a limited-edition product which means that Lay’s Wavy Funyuns will be available in the market for a limited period only and then they will be taken off the market. Lay’s Wavy Funyuns and Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch have already been launched all across the USA and are available in two sizes and at two price points. $3.79 for a 7.5-oz bag and $1.99 for a 2.6-oz bag. That too for a limited time though the company has not specified this period. That probably depends on how consumers react to these products. If the response to Lay’s Wavy Funyuns is good the company might decide to sell them for a longer period.

Your Time Starts Now!!


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The unpredictable and competitive snack food market in America is ruthless and there are no guarantees for any brand. This is why all of you should rush to your nearest store or supermarket and get your hands on a pack of Lay’s Wavy Funyuns and Lay’s Doritos Cool Ranch before everybody around you beats you to it! Time and timing are everything!!!

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