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Anybody downplaying the deadly impact of the Covid-19 virus needs to get his or her head examined. That’s right! All across the world, many people have not paid heed to the mounting death toll of people suffering from the infection caused by the virus and have been taking it casually. What’s worse they have been hindering the efforts of the brave few who are trying to fight it and save lives. Truth be told, the Fox network has been downplaying the severity of this pandemic from the word go. So it is ironic that one of their top staffers has succumbed to this deadly Covid-19 virus. Eric Spinato is dead due to this infection. Here are some details from Eric Spinato’s wiki.

Who was Eric Spinato?

Eric Spinato was the head booker and a senior story editor of the Fox Business Network and he died over the last weekend on Sunday, March 21, 2021. The reason for his death has been attributed to the deadly Covid-19 virus. His brother Dean Spinato informed the people through his social media account and wrote “COVID took my brother today. He was a gem and one of a kind. I’m so broken and lost for words.” On Monday, March 22, the Fox network also informed the general public and its viewers that Spinato had died of complications arising from the Covid-19 virus.

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A Long-time Fox Employee

Even though Eric Spinato’s age is not known he was a regular on the Fox network for the last two decades. He initially joined the Fox network in 1998, then had stints at CNN and MSNBC before having a kind of homecoming back at Fox. He went back to Fox and worked diligently ever since. He initially put in his time at Fox News on the Fox Files team and went on to become a top head booker and senior producer. At the time of his death, Spinato was a story editor and senior head booker at Fox Business. Fox network released a statement to the media where they praised Spinato’s contributions to the network and stressed how important a role he played in the growth of the network over the last two decades.

An Important Asset to the Organization

They especially singled out his enthusiasm, positivity, energy, and the excitement he brought to the workplace that made the network a great place to work. They spoke of how he was always ready to help junior employees who benefitted from his vast knowledge and experience. People are asking the question – How old was Eric Spinato? Eric Spinato’s age is not known but he was definitely above 45 years.

Family is Shaken & in Grief

At the time of his death, Spinato’s family consisted of his two sons and his girlfriend. Not much is known about his married life. His death has come as a blow to the Fox network as they had not been taking the Covid-19 pandemic and its death toll as seriously as other media outlets. They even undermined the efficacy of the vaccines that are being distributed in America. There is public anger against them for not having taken the pandemic as seriously as it deserved.

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The Battle VS Covid-19 Rages On

The fight against Covid-19 is raging and even now many people refuse to take it seriously. Fox network has started distributing masks to its employees but for Eric Spinato this move maybe came too late. The network lost a capable employee who had long served the network and become an invaluable part of the organization. The only good to come from this sad death is that hopefully people will take Covid-19 more seriously and the fight against it will now take place on a war footing. They have to or else many more will die. The Covid-19 virus certainly isn’t taking any prisoners!

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