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Fan violence during and after sports events has been a regular feature in America for a long time but rarely has it been as brutal as it was in the case of Bryan Stow. The savage beating that Bryan Stow received at the hands of rival fans after a baseball game put him in a coma and shocked the nation. It showed the ugly side of fan loyalties and how some deranged fans take things beyond extreme in their passion to score over rival fans. That brutal and horrific attack on Bryan Stow was on everybody’s minds when he threw the ceremonial first pitch at the San Francisco Giants’ opening game at home on Friday, April 9, 2021. Both people who knew about Stow and those who saw him for the first time are curious to know more about this brave man who came back to the living after having almost lost his life in an act of senseless violence. Here are a few details from Bryan Stow’s wiki.

Who is Bryan Stow?

Bryan Stow is an ex-paramedic whose life changed for the worse when he and some friends went to the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, to watch and support their favorite team the Giants on March 31, 2011. After the game when Stow was at the car park searching for his car he was suddenly attacked brutally by two men who were wearing Dodger jerseys. Witnesses later said that there appeared to be a small argument between Stow and the other two men before they savagely attacked him. One man punched Stow in the face and he fell to the ground where his head hit the pavement and bounced off. Then they kicked him in the head several times and also in his ribs and chest.

A Slow & Painful Recovery

Fortunately, Stow’s friends saw this attack and rushed to his aid. The men who were beating Stow left the scene and an ambulance was called. At that time Stow was unconscious and bleeding from his left ear. Stow was taken to the hospital and he was in a coma for almost nine months. He was suffering from severe brain and spinal injuries. He could not walk for several years after coming out of the hospital. Stow fought his injuries with grit and determination and after 10 years reached a situation where he could walk with the support of a walker. Doctors have called his recovery a miracle. He was supported through his painful ordeal by his wife and two children.

Building a Safer Future

The two men who started this fight and attacked Stow were charged with serious assault and sentenced to prison in 2014. Several witnesses who saw this attack testified against these two men named Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood. After he got a little better Stow threw himself headlong in a campaign to end fan violence and used his own life story as an example to teach people that there were better ways to handle disappointments in the sporting arena. He has been speaking to schools and communities from the forum of the Bryan Stow Foundation and telling them to put an end to bullying and fan violence. He has been encouraging people to live kinder lives and not indulge in violence after getting emotional about any issue.

The Strength of the Human Spirit

So Stow was met with a wave of approval and encouragement when he walked out on the field on April 9, 2021, to throw the first pitch. He was wearing the Giants’ orange and black colors, the same that he was wearing 10 years ago when he was brutally attacked. It was an emotional moment for him as well as the crowd who had gathered there and were touched and inspired by the Bryan Stow story. Bryan Stow is a living example that the human spirit is stronger than any vile attempt to dominate and destroy it. Bryan Stow is today trying to make the world of sporting events in particular and the world, in general, a safer and kinder place where violence has no place.

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