Dan Jewett Net Worth

When one of the richest women in the world marries a man it is obvious that this man is special. It’s not just any rich woman we are talking about. Rather who the entire world is talking about! It’s Mackenzie Scott, one of the richest people in the world with a personal fortune of over $53.0 billion according to Forbes magazine. And they would know! So who is this ultra-lucky guy? It’s Dan Jewett, a 50-year old science teacher at the prestigious private Seattle Lakeside School. Though it’s not clear when this marriage took place both Jewett and Scott acknowledged it recently on the webpage of Giving Pledge, a charitable organization that has been trying to encourage and inspire rich people to give as much as possible of their wealth to philanthropic causes. The million-dollar, sorry billion-dollar question everyone is asking is what is Dan Jewett’s net worth?

A Cascade of Wealth

The couple most probably met at the school where Scott’s four children from her previous marriage to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are studying. However, no one knows when love bloomed between them though everyone knows of Scott’s high profile divorce from Bezos in 2019. The courts ordered Bezos to give one-fourth of his Amazon shares to his ex-wife which made her the recipient of almost $53.0 billion making her one of the richest women and people on planet earth. Since then she has given billions of dollars to charitable causes including a sum of $4.2 billion to 384 organizations in December 2020. And now she has given her most valuable possession, her heart, to Dan Jewett.

How Rich is Dan Jewett?

So what does Jewett himself own? After all how much can a teacher even in a wealthy school earn? There is no information on Jewett’s monthly salary or the amount of property he owns. He does own a house and a car but there is no way he can match up to Scott when it comes to wealth. Jewett has never pursued wealth the way most people do and he has said that he has been a teacher for the majority of his life and he has never accumulated wealth the way others do ever. He said as much when he wrote on the Giving Pledge webpage “In a stroke of happy coincidence, I am married to one of the most generous and kind people I know – and joining her in a commitment to pass on an enormous financial wealth to serve others.”

A Giant Responsibility!

Now that Jewett has married Scott and taken responsibility for her four children he is involved in every aspect of her life including her gargantuan wealth. However, he is going to help her give away most of it a decision Scott had taken pretty much immediately after coming into this sizable fortune. After his marriage to Scott, Jewett declared to the media that he intends to help her give away most of it to charity. And he sure will as he is dedicated to teaching children and helping people which is what he has done for his entire adult life. Now he has the big responsibility along with Scott of giving all this huge wealth to the people most deserving of it. Jewett knows better than anyone how important this is and will rise to the challenge. Like we said before you don’t get married to a woman with $53.0 billion if you are just an average Joe!!

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