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Shiloh Dynasty is an enigmatic personality in Western music. There is something mysterious and strange about Shiloh Dynasty whether it is the singing, the lyrics, the instrumentation, the music, and the imagery that make people take some extra time off and think about what Shiloh Dynasty is all about. Shiloh Dynasty is a mysterious singer and guitarist from Maryland, USA, and this persona has been deliberately created by this singer and his spin doctors. The artist’s music and voice have many qualities such as being melancholic and they went viral on Vine after which they were widely sampled by several artists such as XXXTentacion. The whole mystery train started in 2014 when Shiloh Dynasty’s Vine videos which were mostly grainy six-second clips recorded by the mobile phone started going viral. The Shiloh music was characterized by evocative lyrics and sombre melodies and the enigmatic singer kept himself or herself more to the background. Since then there has been active speculation about – Is Shiloh Dynasty a girl or a boy? There has been controversy about Shiloh Dynasty’s gender as today sexuality of a celebrity has inevitably become part of the public domain.

Dropping Off the Face of the Earth!


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After making an impression Shiloh Dynasty started releasing full-length songs in 2014 such as “DownTown” and “Nicole’s Garden.” These songs were uploaded to free streaming platforms. Then things took a turn for the strange in 2016. For some reason that has never been explained, Shiloh Dynasty stopped putting out any more music into the public domain beginning from 2016 and was absent from the visible world. After a while the absence was noticed and as there were no credible or even any explanations people started speculating about – What happened to Shiloh Dynasty? Many fans and even close industry associates began speculating about the possibility of the artist’s untimely death. There was no clarification about Shiloh Dynasty’s situation for almost three years and then to everybody’s relief the artist’s management team denied the rumours about the death. In 2019 the management said that it was not true that Shiloh Dynasty was dead. Then a producer named Swell took one of Shiloh Dynasty’s Vine music videos and looped and remixed it into a song titled “I’m Sorry.” This song became a monster digital hit and has now well over 100 million streams.

The Music Has Become Powerfully Influential


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Suddenly the gloves came off and everybody was using Shiloh Dynasty’s original music to create their music in creative ways. XXXTentacion sampled three of Shiloh Dynasty’s songs “Jocelyn Flores,” “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares,” and “Carry On” on his hit album titled 17 and all three singles went platinum. Young Thug sampled “Climax” in 2018 and Juice WRLD sampled “Run” in 2019 and both became massive hits proving once again how influential and far-reaching the original music of Shiloh Dynasty has been even in his absence. So where is Shiloh Dynasty now? According to reports Shiloh Dynasty is busy making music in 2021 and was recently seen at a Los Angeles studio where a famous music producer observed him making music. So is Shiloh Dynasty alive? Sure! Right now it does look so.

A Credible Answer to a Long Standing Question!

The other controversy that has always been going on is – Is Shiloh Dynasty a guy? The problem is that very few people have met Shiloh Dynasty in real life so there is no hearty and accurate confirmation of his or her gender yet. Shiloh Dynasty has released most of the music through his or her Instagram account and the images of the artist are a bit tough to comprehend. The artist does look like a guy or male but there is a delicacy and feminity to him or her that makes you think a while. The soft dreamy and soft quality of the music also makes you think if it’s a man or woman who has created this exquisite music that many producers have eagerly sampled over the years since 2014. Some people have speculated that Shiloh Dynasty may be transgender but this has not been confirmed yet. Some official documents connected to the artist’s company named Shiloh Dynasty LLC show that the artist is a woman and her real name is Ciara Nicole Simms. Some music producers like John Cunningham who have met the artist and her friends in person have confirmed that Shiloh Dynasty is a woman. The fans can rejoice that after losing interest in Shiloh Dynasty for a while the music industry is backing her once again. So hopefully her music and songs will soar once again and the aural landscape will get greener!

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