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Fred Durst may be one of the most talked-about and controversial frontmen in rock music but a lot of people feel that he has got more attention for his unpredictable behaviour rather than for his music. He has been the frontman for the popular nu-metal band Limp Bizkit who released their first studio album titled Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ way back in 1997. They have released five more studio albums since then with the last one titled Gold Cobra in 2011. All through Fred Durst has been at the centre of raging controversies whether it’s his infamous sex tape that was released on the Internet in February 2005, his claim of having an affair with Britney Spears, his irresponsible and inciting behaviour at his band’s concerts, his feuds with other bands like Slipknot and Placebo, and his habit of insulting almost everyone who he doesn’t agree with. Still, fans, music listeners, and even critics agree that both Fred Durst and his band Limp Bizkit have real talent and this is why they have been one of the more successful rock bands of the last 25 years.

The Hair was Never There!


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Fred Durst has always had less hair on his head even when he was a young man and his nearly bald head has been seen innumerable times all through his career in all his pictures, videos, media coverage, and public appearances. Though he wore a hat most of the time and it was his signature getup everybody could see that Fred Durst did not have a full head of hair. He even revelled in it and made his bad-boy persona larger than life with his cool bald look. This continued all through his career and people have made his bald head synonymous with him. Now people are surprised with the Fred Durst 2021 new look. Fred Durst’s new look has become a talking point among all his fans, lovers, haters, the music media, and celebrity watchers. It is being talked about after people saw Fred Durst perform with Limp Bizkit at the Lollapalooza 2021 music festival that was held from July 29-August 1, 2021, at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Since then people are talking about Fred Durst then and now.

A Radical New Look!


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The singer’s new look is visible in his social media posts and was at his set at Lollapalooza 2021 and people are discussing this before and after the change. The signature Yankees cap that was almost iconic for the frontman is gone. Instead, there are now new aspects like retro gray locks, handlebar moustache, cop shades, decent menswear. That’s right! Unbelievable, unlikely, unexpected but true. Fred Durst looks almost respectable. People are calling it his “Dad Vibes” look. People who have heard about this are asking the question – What does Fred Durst look like now? Most of this attention is focused on Fred Durst’s hair and people are asking – Is Fred Durst’s hair real? Most people are convinced that Fred Durst is now wearing a wig.

People are Convinced It’s a Wig!


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It sure looks that Fred Durst is wearing a wig because it is very unlikely that he has grown a full head of hair so late in his life after being nearly bald right from his youthful days. His “Daddy Cool” look at Lollapalooza 2021 was so hard to accept that his fans are asking – Was Fred Durst wearing a wig? They are openly expressing their opinions on social media and are saying things like – “Seriously, is that not a wig on Fred Durst’s head, then?” “I’m obsessed with fred durst’s hair is it a wig? I hope it’s a wig,” “Fred Durst is wearing a wig. We all know this, yea? Why is this a big deal?” and “Honestly? I wish my hair looked like that wig Fred durst is wearing.” All the evidence over the years shows that Fred Durst is indeed wearing a wig and his new hair is not real. Durst is likely spoofing himself as he is a real-life dad to his two grown sons now and this might be why he is nonchalantly sporting his “Dad Vibes” look. Fred Durst has always done what he wants and now he is doing it with his hair. With time people will come to terms with this new hair-raising issue that Fred Durst has created!

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