The Villains Who Make the Eternal War between Good & Evil Truly Fascinating & Terrifying!

Whether anyone admits it or not it takes a villain for someone to become a hero. And of course a heroine. The more badass the villain is the more heroic the hero or heroine is. Good gets better when evil gets worse! Some of the most detestable villains ever have been in the movies. Hollywood has given the unsuspecting movie-going world some of the most dangerous and interesting villains who have fascinated and intrigued them. Sometimes the villains are so fascinating that they overshadow the hero and the heroine and people think of them long after the lights in the cinema theatre are put back on. Lets’ admit it. Evil is far more interesting and complicated while heroism is a bit tame. While most people want to be with the good guys the bad guys make life very exciting.

Here are some of the most exciting and interesting villains in modern cinema –

1] Joker


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The Joker has been around for a long time first in the comics and then in the movies. Of late he has become one of the most well-known characters all over the world and after the global smash hit movie Joker, he is now ubiquitous. Joker is the arch-enemy of Batman and his maniacal laugh and his tendency towards needless anarchy make him a highly unpredictable enemy. One never knows what the crazy and twisted mind of the Joker is up to but rest assured it’s not good for the world!

2] Lex Luthor


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Lex Luthor

If there is one man who truly scares the usually unflappable Superman it is the intelligent and razor-sharp Lex Luthor. He has been the arch-enemy of Superman since the early 1940s first in the comics and then when Superman became part of Hollywood and has never stopped trying to eliminate the caped crusader. Lex Luthor is considered a narcissistic and mad scientist who is the CEO of the powerful corporation LexCorp and one of his driving forces in life is to remove Superman from the equation. Superman better watch out and he has been for decades!

3] The Masked “Scream” Killer



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Horror and slasher movies got revitalized in 1996 with the release of Scream which became a huge hit and ushered in a new era of violent movies. A big reason for its success was the terrifying masked assailant who wore a mask and stalked young men and women and disembowelled them at the earliest opportunity. The terror of the masked assailant is massively amplified because his or her face is never revealed. The mask is the embodiment of fear and the awareness among the hapless victims that their end is near. In Scream and its 3 subsequent sequels, the masked assailant kept his or her reign of terror alive and scared the shit out of everyone!

4] Alexandra “Alex” Forrest

Alexandra “Alex” Forrest


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Every married man thought 20 times before he even entertained the thought of having an extra-marital affair with a woman he didn’t know very well after he heard or saw what happened to Michael Douglas and his family in the 1987 box-office smash Fatal Attraction. Douglas plays a married man who has a lusty and highly sexual affair weekend fling with an attractive woman named Alexandra “Alex” Forrest while on an official trip out of town. It is understood it is a one-off thing but when Glenn Close who plays the crazed Alex turns up at his home a few days later refusing to accept the affair is over Douglas begins to realize how dangerous it is to indulge in one’s libido. “Heaven hath no fury as a lonely woman rejected” was truly understood after both married men and women watched a deranged Alex wreak havoc on her weekend lover and his unsuspecting family.

5] Norman Bates

Norman Bates

Norman Bates

Checking into a motel was never the same after the release of the classic psycho-thriller movie Psycho in 1960. This study of a lonely man dominated by his martinet mother and his sinking into a deranged killer with complex sexual problems fascinated and scared everyone especially women like nothing ever had before and ever since. Everybody started rethinking their opinion about guys and no woman said “He seems like a nice guy” for a long time after watching Anthony Perkins’ chilling portrayal of Norman Bates who cuts up women he desires. After Psycho no woman felt safe in the shower knowing a Norman Bates could well be lurking nearby!

6] Maleficent

Every poor and beautiful girl prays to God regularly to keep Maleficent away from her. Ever since this evil fairy, Maleficent began torturing Sleeping Beauty because she couldn’t stand the girl’s good looks and the fact that everybody loved her especially the good boys Maleficent has been feared. Starting in the Walt Disney 1959 animated feature Sleeping Beauty and right up to the live feature film Maleficent in 2014 this evil fairy has put terror and fear in the hearts of hapless sweet girls all over the world. Every teenage beauty has battled her own Maleficent and knows that the evil woman will never give up depriving her of love and happiness. The handsome prince has to always battle Maleficent if he wants to rescue his teenage love from her evil designs and walk hand-in-hand into the sunset!

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