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Murder in any form and by anyone is unpardonable and downright evil. However when the perpetrator is a teenager one has to deeply question the world we have built for ourselves and the world we live in. This is what has happened in St. Johns County in Florida, USA, on May 9, 2021. A 13-year old girl has been murdered and the accused is a 14-year old teenager who is now facing the long arm of the law. However, the biggest tragedy is that this girl named Tristyn Bailey is gone forever and will never smile and laugh again. It is a tragedy for the family and for everyone who cares about the basic values of humanity that keep us safe every day. People who have heard of this are asking the question – What happened to Tristyn Bailey?

Who is Tristyn Bailey?


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Tristyn Bailey was a 13-year old teenager who was a student in seventh grade at the Patriot Oaks Academy at St. Johns in Florida who was living the normal happy life of a teenager before tragedy struck her. Bailey was an athlete on two different cheer squads and an active member of the school. She was well-liked and popular in her school and had a circle of friends who used to like her. She used to practice gymnastics in the gym centre and was looking forward to continuing it in her high school years. At 13 years of age, Tristyn Bailey had her whole life ahead of her.

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Tristyn Bailey is Dead

On May 9, 2021, Bailey’s family reported her as missing and the police were called in. The police began their investigation and found out that Bailey was last seen at the Durbin Amenity Centre at around 1:15 am. Other law enforcement agencies joined the search and the entire area of St. Johns was combed by them. At 6:00 pm the search was called off and the painful news released that Tristyn Bailey had been found but she was dead. The Sheriff’s Office identified the body as that of Tristyn Bailey and her family was informed. It was devastating news for them that they will never recover from.

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Teenage Classmate Charged in Murder

On Monday, May 10, 2021, the Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of Bailey’s 14-year old classmate Aiden Fucci and charged him with second-degree murder. He also attended the same school as Bailey and both of them grew up in the same neighbourhood. Now the law will take its course even though when the murder accused is a minor it gets complicated. People of the community are unable to come to terms with the murder that has shocked them beyond belief. They are holding candlelight vigils for Tristyn Bailey and showing their support for her family. They held a vigil at the Durbin Crossing Amenities Centre at 8:00 pm on Monday, May 10, 2021, in honour of Tristyn Bailey and everyone had the same heavy feeling in their hearts and souls – Tristyn Bailey was gone too soon.

Gone Too Soon!


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As of now, the police have not disclosed how exactly Bailey was killed and how the suspect may have been linked to this murder. They are conducting the investigation and it is still in its early stages so they are not releasing any information relating to the case as of now. They are interviewing potential witnesses so that they can get to the bottom of Tristyn Bailey’s shocking death. The tragedy is that Tristyn Bailey is gone forever and will never smile and laugh again. A young life with so much potential is destroyed and lost forever. This is the brutal world we live in.

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