What Happened to Susan Powell
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Even though it is morbid people are fascinated with crimes especially when it involves murder. More so when the victim is a young good-looking woman as there is always more to it than meets the eye. America has a history of such crimes becoming famous and the media covering it with enthusiasm and sometimes glee. The disappearance of Susan Cox Powell is one such famous case when the entire nation has been intrigued and fascinated by what happened to a woman who can’t be found. The suspected murder of Susan Powell has been a story that has captured the imagination of people and been in the limelight for years and even now there is no sense of closure to the bloody matter. The events that followed her disappearance have only made the case of Susan Powell a riveting and dark episode in the criminal annals of America.

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What Happened to Susan Powell?

Susan Powell was a young married woman who was living in West Valley City, Utah, with her husband Joshua Powell and her two young sons Charles Joshua and Braden Timothy at the time of her mysterious disappearance. The drama began on the morning of December 6, 2009, when Susan and her two sons attended church services and later were visited by a neighbour at 5:00 pm at their house. Susan was never seen by anyone after this time by anyone other than the Powell household. Soon the entire Powell family went missing and close family and friends launched a search for them. The police came but found the house empty and Susan did not show up the next day at her job. Later her wallet, purse, and identification were found in the house. Her cell phone was later found in the Powell family vehicle.

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Deeply Unconvincing Explanations

In the evening on December 7, Joshua Powell returned home with his two sons and the police immediately took him for questioning. He claimed that when he left home at midnight Susan was still sleeping at home and he had taken his sons for a camping trip to Simpson Springs in western Utah. The police went to the campsite but could not find evidence of the supposed camping trip and they were immediately suspicious of Joshua’s story. It was a heavy blizzard in Utah that day and the police were wondering why Joshua took his sons camping in such adverse conditions. On top of that, he did not inform his boss that he would not be coming in to work the next day. Joshua claimed that he thought it was a Sunday instead of a Monday a fact that made the police zero in on him.

Not Enough Conclusive Evidence

A later investigation led to the police finding evidence of Susan’s blood on the floor of the house, life insurance policies on Susan’s life to the amount of $1.5 million, and even a handwritten letter from Susan where she had expressed the fear that her life was in danger. DNA tests were done which confirmed one blood trace to be that of Susan and the other of an “unknown male contributor.” The police were confident that Joshua had murdered his wife Susan but was never able to get evidence that was strong enough to put him behind bars. Even though many suspicious events occurred in the Powell household the police could never charge Joshua officially with the crime. The fact that Susan’s body was not found was a big stumbling block for the law enforcement authorities.

Was Susan Powell’s Body Ever Found?

Later on February 5, 2012, Joshua committed suicide along with his two sons and the case got more complicated. Then in 2013 his brother Michael who was suspected of helping Joshua murder Susan also committed suicide as the investigations started closing on him. One question that kept haunting the public was – Did they ever find Susan Powell’s body? The answer is no! To date, they have never found Susan Powell’s body even though the matter has always been treated as a homicide. The case was widely covered in the media and in December 2018 an 85-minute documentary titled Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery was premiered on the Investigation Discovery channel. Later another documentary named The Disappearance of Susan Cox Powell was shown on the channel Oxygen in May 2019.

The Dark Side of Human Nature!

All through this people kept asking one question – Was Susan Powell ever found? No, she wasn’t. Even today she is listed as a missing person though it is widely believed that she was murdered by Joshua and his brother Michael helped to get rid of the dead body. Though there have been calls to get her declared as a dead person officially Susan Powell is still missing which means the police have not given up. It’s a case that brought out the dark side of human nature and it was followed with gruesome fascination by people all over the country. The disappearance and believed murder of Susan Powell bring out the worst in mankind both in terms of what human nature is and the lurid nature of people wanting to know what happened. Nothing but extreme darkness has come out of the Susan Powell case!

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