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Dying is an everyday thing in Mexico as it is caught up in extreme violence and bloodshed mostly on account of its deadly drug wars. People even innocents being killed in the drug-ravaged country is not a new thing. Over the years thousands have died in the daily crossfire between rival drug cartels and gangs, the police and the drug lords, and the petty crime that is rampant in the violence-stricken country. To go to Mexico is like taking a one-way ticket to a hell created by mankind. Still when a young boy is killed the grief it causes is unbearable. This is what has happened to 13-year old student Ivan Magallon who has been killed in Mexico while on a visit there. People are shocked and are asking – What happened to Ivan Magallon? They are asking is Ivan Magallon dead and if so how?

Ivan Magallon is Dead

The answer is that he is dead. Ivan Magallon is dead. So what did Ivan Magallon do? Nothing at all. He was just a young boy who had gone to Mexico to visit family when he was killed there. There are no details on how exactly he died but authorities have described his death as a result of a random act of violence. It occurred on April 23, 2019. Even though it’s almost two years since Ivan Magallon died in Mexico the pain of it has not lessened even a little bit. His family, friends, and schoolmates still recall with horror how a young life was cruelly snuffed out. They are still mourning the death of Magallon and they still remember him and his smiling demeanour.

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School Mourns Magallon’s Death

Ivan Magallon was a student of Dutcher Middle School and he is still remembered for his big smile, his love of sports and his excellent sense of humour. When he died his school wrote a note for him on their Facebook page which read “Our campus mourns the passing of Ivan Magallon. He is remembered for his big smile, joyful personality, and love of sports. Our sincere condolences and thoughts go out to the family and friends of Ivan. We are thankful to Jessica’s House and TUSD schools for their support during this difficult time. Ivan will be greatly missed.”

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He was a Baseball Fan

Magallon loved sports and was a member of a baseball team and played in the Turlock National Little League which honoured him later that year. They also collected funds to help Magallon’s family pay the expenses for getting on with life as they were short of money. The people and community in Turlock deeply mourned the death of Magallon and his obituary made many people wipe tears from their eyes. Nobody could get over the fact that a young boy had fallen to the scourge of violence for no fault of his. Such is the environment in Mexico where even innocent kids are not safe.

Children Should Not be Killed

Magallon is gone but if there is one lesson to be learned from his tragic death is that violence should be stopped at all costs. It does not see if the victim is a child or an adult but destroys them the same. Mexico is in terrible condition today. The socio-economic problems and the escalating drug wars have made it an unsafe country for everyone. The death of Ivan Magallon shows that even young children are not spared.

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