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Terry Caffey will always be known as the father of teenage murderess Erin Caffey no matter what he does. Neither he nor the nation can forget the cold-blooded murder of his family that was planned, organized, and undertaken by his own then 16-year old daughter. The violent and gruesome story of his family’s murder has been covered by the media and has been the subject of several TV programs. People just can’t get enough of this horrific crime in which a daughter turned against her own family and had them killed. By the grace of God Terry Caffey was the lone survivor of this brutal attack and he has lived a tough life since then.

The Terry Caffey Story

Terry Caffey was shot five times by the murderers but he didn’t die that night. When he got the strength and his bearings he crawled the distance of four football fields and got help. It was only later that he learned that it was his daughter Erin who was responsible for the brutal slaying of his wife Penny and his two young boys Matthew and Tyler. It turned his whole world upside down. Still, he did not give up on his daughter. He tried to understand why she did such a thing and he asked for her to be forgiven. Caffey even asked for the death penalty to be taken off the table for the two young men who physically committed the murders and he succeeded. Today Erin Caffey is in a high-security prison in Texas and eligible for parole only in March 2038.

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Terry Caffey Today is Remarried

So what has Terry Caffey done all these years after that fateful night on March 1, 2008? How has he lived his life in these 13 years? Caffey has tried to get on with his life and has tried to find some purpose in his life. He has tried to make sense of the senseless tragedy that fell on his family and wring out some measure of good from it. Since that night Caffey has married twice. He married for a second time after losing his biological family and lived for a while in Wills Point, Texas, with his second wife and two stepsons. However, this marriage later ended in a divorce. When asked why his marriage did not work Caffey has said “I tried to move on too soon.”

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Forgiveness is Everything for Caffey

Caffey married for a third time later and as of now is still married. He lives with his third wife and has a baby son and three adopted children as well. For several years Caffey has been traveling across America and been preaching. He has been preaching forgiveness because that’s what he felt for his daughter Erin after the murders. He forgave her and since then has tried to get people to forgive others for their crimes and mistakes. Caffey believes that as human beings it is incumbent upon them to understand and forgive others because they do not know what they are doing.

A Moment-by-Moment Account

Caffey even wrote a book about this dark chapter in his life. Terry Caffey’s book is titled Terror by Night and it is available on Amazon.com. It is available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, and even as an audiobook. In this book, Caffey has written in detail what happened that night in his home when he was sleeping along with his wife and two sons. He has described in detail the horror and terror of that night when he couldn’t understand what was going on even as he heard the sounds of gunshots in his house. He has written what happened when he survived the attack and crawled to get help. It is a tough read but Terror by Night gives you a ringside view of what happened that night and it is an experience that the reader will never forget.

Life Goes On!

Today Caffey is determined to find some good from this tragedy and he is trying to convince people that we must forgive other people who are not aware of right and wrong. Since he has tried to forgive his daughter and moved on people listen to Caffey today. Caffey’s life is marred by intense tragedy but he is trying hard to make the world a more forgiving place. The Terry Caffey story is a brutal reminder of what happens when teenage anger is allowed to grow unchecked.

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