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To be honest quite a few men fantasize about killing their wives. They joke about it but some of them mean it. Some of these few do it. One such person was Joseph Parker who admitted to the police in early November 2014 that he had murdered his wife Samantha Parker. Joseph Parker called 911 at around 2:45 am on Friday, November 7, 2014, and told the authorities that he had killed his wife in their home at Clydesdale Lane, in Springfield, Tennessee. This led to an urgent police investigation by the law enforcement agencies and this claim was found to be true. Thus this horrific incident of domestic life gone terrible came out in the open. People want to know more about the victim so here are some details from Samantha Parker’s wiki.

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Stuffed in a Freezer

Samantha Parker was 44 years old when she was murdered by her husband of many years Joseph Parker in their home. It was a murder most foul. The police believed that Joseph Parker shot his wife and later tried to cut her body into pieces in his garage. He then stuffed these cut parts into a freezer. When the police arrived at the Parker residence they found Samantha’s cut body stuffed in the freezer. Then started the manhunt for her husband who was naturally the prime suspect. After all, he had called the police and admitted that he had killed his wife.

A Chase was Afoot

Why did Joseph Parker kill his wife? The answer will probably never be known. Parker tried to flee and was chased by the authorities. He had called the police and said that he was going to Chattanooga but the police did not believe him. Later they were able to pinpoint his location from his cell phone in Nashville, Kentucky. A team of pursuers including the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, US Marshall’s Service, and local officials from Tennessee and Kentucky was hot on Parker’s trail. However, Parker did not want to be taken alive.

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Parker Killed Himself

When he came to a traffic stop near mile marker 12 on Interstate 65 in Kentucky Parker pulled out his gun and shot himself. When police closed in he was lying dead in his car. The news spread in Parker’s neighbourhood and the people who knew them and had seen them were in shock. Samantha Parker was described as a woman who kept to herself most of the time. Though she had a car she was rarely seen going out. She was described as a quiet person who would always close the blinds of the house.

A Loving & Caring Woman

Samantha was a recluse and had a daughter and a grandson. She was very fond of her grandson and had thrown a birthday party for him on her front lawn recently. Samantha’s daughter’s name is Mackenzie and Samantha was from Alabama. She was very close to her daughter who later remembered her mother as a very loving and kind woman. She said that her mother Samantha was very good and had raised her very well. She has said that her father killed her mother because he was going through a very bad time and may have snapped that fateful night on Thursday, November 6, 2014. Joseph Parker had lost his job and their home was in foreclosure.

Remembered by Those who Knew Her

Samantha Parker’s obituary said that she was a very nice person and that she had touched the hearts of all those who knew her. A year later after her murder, Mackenzie and family and friends released balloons in memory of Samantha. They yelled “Roll tide roll” as an expression of affection for Samantha. Mackenzie said that her mother Samantha will be missed by everyone who knew her and prayed that she find peace. After her brutal death, Samantha was remembered by all the people who knew her and was wished peace and happiness.

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