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Relationships are tough when they are going on. Many times they become downright dangerous after they have ended. Especially when one of the partners has been rejected because it is very difficult for anyone to accept that they have been rejected by someone who used to like them. Sometimes the act of rejecting a person could prove fatal as was the case with Rannita Williams who broke off with her boyfriend Jonathan Robinson after several years of an intense relationship. She paid for this with her life that horrified everybody who knew her and heard about this tragic incident. Even though it’s been almost three years since this violent incident people still talk about how a young woman was killed because the man she said goodbye to was not ready to accept that the relationship was over and a woman had made a firm decision.

Rannita Williams’ Wiki

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Rannita Williams and Jonathan Robinson were in an “on and off” relationship for five years and dated each other during this period. Then in 2016 they called it off and went their separate ways. Rannita got into a new relationship and was happy with the new man in her life. She was busy taking care of her three children Jada, King, and Damaya. None of her three children were fathered by Robinson. Williams passed out from Green Oaks High School and became a mother at a young age. She struggled to find work to support herself and her three children and at the time of her murder, she was a hairstylist and did interior design work for her neighbours. She just about made enough money to take care of her three children. She was 27 years old at that time.

The Last Deadly Morning

Then on the morning of April 12, 2018, things got terrible and then fatal. Jonathan Robinson, then 36 years old, kicked down Williams’ door and pulled a rifle on her. He arranged for him and her to be live on Facebook Live and then started frightening and shouting at Williams. Over the next several minutes he said things like “I don’t give a f*** about police, you hear,” and “I’m gonna make you famous.” Then he fired over six shots from his rifle into Williams even as she pleaded with him to stop. He then fired three more shots. Then he said callously “Now, b****. Game over.” All this was captured on video on Facebook Live but later removed. When Rannita Williams’ case went to trial this video was strong evidence to put Robinson behind bars. He pled guilty to the murder of Rannita Williams.

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Case was Covered on TV


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Williams was well-liked and her cousin Trina Williams was very close to her. They used to hang around together a lot and were nicknamed Salt and Pepper by people who knew them. Today Williams is buried in Hawkins Cemetery in Princeton, Bossier Parish, Louisiana, USA, and her burial details are listed on Find a Grave. The Rannita Williams Find a Grave details are available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. Rannita Williams’ murder got a lot of publicity when it was featured on the TV series Web of Lies in an episode telecast on September 3, 2019. The episode was titled “Murder Goes Live” and was a dramatic recreation of the events of that day on which Jonathan Robinson brutally murdered Rannita Williams for breaking off their relationship.

The Consequences of a Hurt Ego

The autopsy report of Rannita Williams revealed that she died of multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead when she was brought to the hospital. Though Robinson showed signs of remorse at his trial for having killed a young woman who had said no to him it was too late in the day. Rannita Williams was dead and her three children would grow up without a mother. One man’s ego and refusal to accept a woman’s firm decision had made three young children lose their mother who loved them more than anyone else in the world. The murder of Rannita Williams is a firm reminder to all of us that when a woman’s decision is not respected it rarely ends in a good way. Relationships end and people must move on. When they don’t ugly things happen. Like a young woman being killed in the prime of her life.

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