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The horrific case of the father and son duo Mark Redwine and Dylan Redwine has been in the public domain since November 19, 2012, ever since young 13-year-old Dylan was reported missing by his father Mark from their home. Mark Redwine informed the authorities on November 19, 2012, that his son Dylan was not at home which was near Vallecito Lake outside Durango, Southwest Colorado like he was supposed to be that evening. The police and law enforcement authorities investigated this matter and came to the firm conclusion that Mark Redwine had murdered his son. When some of Dylan’s remains and his skull were found some miles from Mark Redwine’s house within the next three years there was no doubt that Dylan was dead and had been brutally killed. The police suspected Mark of being the killer right from the beginning of the investigation and later found sufficient proof to arrest Mark and charge him with the murder of his son.

Pics of Mark Doing Dirty Stuff Found by His Son


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This twisted murder case has troubled the public in Colorado and even in wider America for the sheer dirty nature of the crime. People who don’t know the details want to know – Why did Mark Redwine kill Dylan Redwine? Mark had an unhygienic and dirty fetish that he had kept hidden from everyone including his family for a long time. Mark had a habit of eating human faeces and wearing women’s lingerie and he used to keep a collection of photographs of him doing it. Earlier on that fateful day Mark Redwine’s son Dylan Redwine happened to see these photos unwittingly and confronted his father about his dirty fetish. Dylan was angry but Mark was enraged at being found out that too by his son and couldn’t accept it that his 13-year-old son was now disgusted with him and asking for an explanation. Mark murdered his son Dylan in cold blood right there and then in his house and later hid the body. The signs of the crime like Dylan’s bloodstains on the carpet and furniture, and his hair samples found in Mark’s living room sealed the case against him from the police department’s point of view.

Killer Father Never Showed Any Remorse for His Crime

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The Mark Redwine trial has been going on in La Plata County in Colorado for a while now and the whole state has been following it eagerly as they all want to see Mark Redwine pay dearly for his brutal crime. In July 2021 a La Plata County jury found Redwine guilty of child abuse and the second-degree murder of his son after deliberating over it for more than six and half hours. On Friday morning, October 8, 2021, Mark Redwine was sentenced to 48 years in prison by presiding Judge Jeffrey Wilson. Judge Wilson said that he had not seen a criminal defendant showing such an utter lack of remorse even after committing such a horrific crime and that Mark Redwine was still not taking any responsibility for what he had done to his son. At the Mark Redwine sentencing, Judge Wilson said that the community needed to be protected from Mark and he needed to be kept away from civil society for a very long time.

The Long Nightmare Seems to be Over!

The verdict is that Mark Redwine has been sentenced to 48 years in prison on two counts which will be served concurrently with five years of parole. Mark will receive 1,540 days of credit for the time he serves in prison. Elaine Hall, Dylan Redwine’s mother, who was present in court during the sentencing said that Mark still didn’t show any regret for his actions and that is why he needed to get the maximum sentence the judge gave him. She remembered the nine years of pain, frustration, and heartbreak that she and her family had gone through trying to get the legal system to punish Mark for killing her son Dylan and was now relieved that the nightmare was over. Mark Redwine will now spend the rest of his life in prison and pay for his crime, and justice will be served in a redemptive way. Dylan Redwine is dead and people will shudder at the disgusting and dirty habits that some people have like Mark Redwine has.

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