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Derek Chauvin is the most infamous policeman in the USA today. For good reason! He is the policeman who kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes even as Floyd couldn’t breathe and kept saying “I can’t breathe.” Bystanders saw this inhuman brutality and pleaded with Derek Chauvin to let go of Floyd and ease up the pressure on his neck. Chauvin didn’t listen and did not budge. As a result, Floyd couldn’t breathe and died moments later. This cold-blooded behaviour which resulted in an innocent man’s death and shocked the nation led to the biggest and most violent race riots in recent decades. Now people want to know more about Derek Chauvin’s personal life like about his wife and his family. We will tell you all we know right here.

Escape from Vietnam


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Derek Chauvin is married to a woman named Kellie Chauvin. They have been married for over 10 years. Kellie Chauvin was born on October 21, 1974, in Laos, Vietnam. In 1977 when she was barely three years old her family escaped to Thailand and lived for a while in a refugee camp. In October 1980 her family moved to Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, where Kellie got educated. Kellie belongs to the ethnic community Hmong and she was often bullied for her looks. It is ironic that later in 2018 she competed in the Miss Minnesota beauty pageant which she subsequently won in 2019. Her friend convinced her to enter the contest. At that time she was married to Derek Chauvin.

Kellie has Two Children


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That was not her first marriage as earlier she had married and divorced Kujay Xiong. She had been 17 years old when she married Xiong as per her parents’ wishes. The marriage did not work and she divorced him after suffering 10 years of marital abuse. Does Kellie Chauvin have any children? People want to know about Kellie Chauvin’s kids. Kellie has two children from her first marriage though she has kept them out of the public eye following her second husband’s legal problems. She then met Derek Chauvin at a hospital and the couple was attracted to each other. They married in 2011 and moved to Florida where they bought a townhouse in Windermere. Later they bought another house in Oakdale, Minnesota in 2017.

One of Kellie’s children is a combat engineer in the US Army while the other child was deployed in Washington State and joined the army as a cavalry scout in 2013. Their names have been kept out of the public eye for reasons of privacy. The negative publicity surrounding Derek Chauvin is so much that his wife Kellie and her two children are avoiding the media.

Does Derek Chauvin have Kids?

According to reports, Derek Chauvin does not have any kids from his marriage to Kellie Chauvin. There is no information if he has any children from anyone else. There is no information on whether Kellie’s two children from her first marriage live with Derek and Kellie or not. Though the spotlight has fallen squarely on Derek it is focussed on his work and attitude towards people of colour and not on his personal life. The media though has been shining a light on his wife Kellie Chauvin and it has taken a toll.

Kellie is Leaving Derek


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Kellie was as shocked as anyone else after witnessing the brutality of Derek Chauvin towards Floyd and she announced that she would divorce Derek just days after Floyd’s tragic death. Most people are considering George Floyd’s death as a cold-blooded murder and not just an overuse of a policeman’s authority. Kellie had escaped Vietnam because she did not want to live in a violent environment. Little did she know that many years later violence would follow her even in America?

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