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Teenagers committing crimes has always been part of life and history is replete with such examples. At that age teenagers are vulnerable and while being wrongly influenced is no excuse for committing a crime, indeed, they do not have the maturity to know if they are doing wrong or right things. Still, it is hard to accept and understand what the then 16-year old Erin Caffey did on the night of March 1, 2008, in the small town of Alba, Texas, USA. She has been accused of planning, plotting, masterminding, and carrying out a horrific murder spree that left three people dead and one barely clinging on to his life. What’s most shocking is that these people were members of Erin Caffey’s own blood family. People are asking questions like where is Erin Caffey now and where is Erin Caffey today.

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Erin Caffey 2021

Today Erin Caffey is 29 years old and is in a high-security prison in Mountain View, Texas, for the last several years. She has often been described by people who have met her as the most dangerous woman that they have ever met in their life. She has been accused of organizing the killing of her family with the help of her then-boyfriend and his accomplices. The trouble started when Caffey’s parents Penny and Terry Caffey told her that she could no longer meet her then-boyfriend 18-year old Charlie Wilkinson. Caffey got angry and was filled with rage. She told Wilkinson to carry out the killing of her entire family which included her parents and her two brothers’ 13-year old Matthew and eight-year-old Tyler.

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Murders Most Gruesome!

Wilkinson enlisted the help of his friend 20-year old Charles Waid and his girlfriend 18-year old Bobbi Johnson and hatched an evil plan. On the night of March 1, 2008, the three of them entered the Caffey house while the family was sleeping while Erin Caffey waited outside in the car. The killing spree started immediately as the two young men attacked the members of the sleeping Caffey family. Penny was first shot, then stabbed with a Samurai sword, and then her head was almost cut off completely. Matthew was shot in the head while Tyler was stabbed several times with a Samurai sword. Terry was shot five times and left for dead. Then the two men set fire to the Caffey house and burnt it.

The Lone Survivor

Miraculously Terry survived and crawled the length of four football fields to get help. All through he was thinking that he must get to his only surviving family member, his daughter Erin Caffey. Little did he know that she was responsible for the murder of his remaining family members? When he found out later he was beside himself with shock. When the police later arrested the four suspects Erin Caffey claimed that she was had been drugged and kidnapped. In the trial that followed all four were proclaimed guilty and given sentences by the legal system.

Netflix Documentary Throws Light

The Caffey murders have been featured on the Netflix documentary titled Killer Women. In this gripping Netflix documentary famous show host Piers Morgan has met and talked to some of the most dangerous and notorious female murderers in America. Erin Caffey is one of them. Killer Women was released on August 8, 2020, on Netflix and has been widely watched. In the Caffey episode, Morgan spoke to Erin Caffey, her accomplices, members of the family, neighbors, law enforcement officials, lawyers, and media who covered the events. The documentary gives a gripping account of the savage and ruthless murders that shocked the nation and brought the murderous nature of teenage anger to the fore.

Murderers are Serving Sentences

Erin Caffey is currently in the Mountain View facility in Texas serving a life sentence and is eligible for parole in March 2038. The murderers’ Charlie Wilkinson and Charles Waid are serving life without parole but were not given the death penalty because Terry Caffey asked for it to be removed. Terry Caffey is now trying to establish a relationship with Erin Caffey. Even today the nation cannot get over the horror of a teenage girl getting her family murdered just because they did not approve of her boyfriend. Teenage psychology is still a dark mystery.

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