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To be killed at the age of 13 years is unimaginable for any boy. To be killed by your blood father because you found out something thoroughly disgusting about him is beyond belief. That’s what happened to Dylan Redwine who died at the young age of 13 years on November 18, 2012, in Durango, Colorado, in the USA. The authorities suspected right from the start when Dylan was reported missing that his father Mark Redwine had something to do with it. They investigated and it was a tenuous process before they found any concrete evidence to support their suspicions. It was a case that captured the attention of people all over Colorado and other parts of America when it became public knowledge. Since then people have followed this case and have been eager for justice to be delivered. They all wanted the person responsible for Dylan’s death to be punished for this heinous crime. When a Colorado jury found Mark Redwine guilty of second-degree murder of his son Dylan on Friday, July 16, 2021, people all over America breathed a sigh of relief that finally, the wheels of justice had moved forward.

Centre of a Bitter Custody Battle


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All through this painful and laborious process of Mark Redwine’s trial people have been wanting to know more about Dylan Redwine. Here are a few details from Dylan Redwine’s wiki. Born on February 6, 1999, Dylan was a normal boy who wanted to spend time with his friends when he was not busy with his school and homework. He was the son of Mark Redwine and Elaine Hatfield and had an elder brother named Cory Redwine. At the time of Dylan’s death, his parents were divorced and involved in a bitter custody battle over him. On November 18, 2012, Dylan arrived at Mark’s home for a court-ordered visit to spend some time with his father. Dylan and Mark had not been getting along for a while and during his last visit, he had argued and fought with Mark. This time he did not want to spend time with his father and asked if he could spend the night at his friend’s house but Mark refused.

Stumbling on Something Unimaginably Dirty

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Then Dylan found out something about Mark that cost him his life. He found pictures of Mark Redwine wearing a red bra and eating faeces from a diaper. This was the most disgusting thing that anybody could do and when Mark found out that his son had seen these pictures where he was doing this he lost all his senses. In a fit of apoplectic rage, he killed his son. Mark Redwine reported Dylan as missing but straight away the investigators didn’t believe him and the investigations zeroed on Mark. Damning proof that something horrible had happened was discovered when Dylan’s blood was found in multiple places like Mark’s living room, couch, corner of the coffee table, beneath a rug, and a love seat. Since then these questions began to haunt everybody – What happened to Dylan Redwine and how did Dylan Redwine die? And of course the most important question – Who killed Dylan Redwine?

The Net Closes In Slowly & Surely


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People started asking – Was Dylan Redwine’s body found? Not for a long time. Then in June 2013, a cadaver dog found Dylan’s partial remains off a trail about 10 miles away from Mark’s house. Sniffer dogs found his scent at Mark’s home as well but the case came together a bit more when some hikers discovered Dylan’s skull about 1.5 miles away from where his earlier remains had been found. Mark and his defence team said that Dylan was likely killed by a bear or a mountain lion but the prosecutors and the police didn’t buy it. Forensics found blunt-force trauma to Dylan’s skull and a fracture above his left eye which indicated that this was an act of a human being, not an animal. Other evidence given by Mark’s son Cory and Elaine about his previous behaviour made it obvious that Mark was the only person with a clear motive to kill Dylan. Once Dylan’s cause of death was established with the help of forensics the prosecution had a water-tight case against Mark Redwine no matter his numerous denials.

Justice Delayed but Delivered, Thankfully!

In 2013 Mark Redwine had appeared on the famous talk show “Dr. Phil” where he denied any part in Dylan’s death. The Dylan Redwine-Dr. Phil episode made this case a famous story all over America and many people started following this case. In the end, all the zealous hard work of the police, the prosecution, the law enforcement system, and the justice system bore fruit and Mark Redwine was found guilty of the brutal murder of his son Dylan and charged with second-degree murder. It took a while to come but when it did Dylan’s mother, brother, and relatives found a reason to believe in hope again. Now Mark Redwine will remain in legal custody until the date of his sentencing which has been scheduled for October 8, 2021. Everybody wants Mark Redwine to get the highest punishment that can be given to him. Killing his 13-year-old son, decapitating him, and then claiming innocence are unforgivable. Hopefully, such a thing will never happen again. Till it inevitably happens again if the history of crime in America is any indication!

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