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Snack foods are big in America and thanks to their incredible marketing muscle they are big all over the world. The company which has done more than anyone else to popularize snack food is PepsiCo and their brands still are the standard that every competitor and consumer goes by. Though the advertising and the associated imagery are very youth-oriented and colorful the snacks are consumed by people of all ages. One of these snack foods that has had a phenomenal run over the years is Funyuns. They have been available since 1969 and have been one of the mainstays in the PepsiCo snack food arsenal. In the last two decades, their popularity has dipped and they have been phased out from many markets. Now their future is in doubt and that is why people are asking questions like – Are hot Funyuns discontinued and are they discontinuing hot Funyuns? The future of the Funyuns seems to be at stake.

What are Funyuns?

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Funyuns is the brand name of snack food that is an onion-flavored corn snack that was introduced in the United States in 1969. It was invented by a Frito-Lay employee and Frito-Lay is one of the biggest companies in the PepsiCo conglomerate. Funyuns are mostly ring-shaped and are made of cornmeal by using an extrusion process and they are the shape and texture of fried onion rings. The Funyuns get their unique flavor from the salt and onion mix they are endowed with. They are marketed by Frito-Lay all over the world. Funyuns have been one of the most recognizable snack foods in the Frito-Lay stable and have brought in billions of dollars of profits over the past several decades.

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Over the years Funyuns have been available in five unique flavors to consumers all over the world. They are Original Funyuns, Wasabi, Flamin’ Hot, Chile & Limon, and Steakhouse Onion and they all have had a great run with consumers appreciating their taste and tanginess. Some of them have not done well later on and have been pulled from the market when the revenues they generated were not up to the desired levels. Wasabi was introduced in 2001 but pulled out of the market barely a year later in 2002 due to their underperformance. Chile & Limon was introduced in 2014 but went under in 2018 while Steakhouse Onion enjoyed a run from 2015 to 2018. So it is two flavors that have proved to be sturdy products in these years. Original Funyuns which were introduced in 1969 and are still very popular among consumers today and Flamin’ Hot which was introduced in 2007 and is still available in the market.

Is it Curtains for Hot Funyuns?

Now there seems to be commotion in the snack food market and some people are asking questions like – Why did they discontinue hot Funyuns? People are asking if hot Funyuns chips will be available to consumers or not anymore. The good news is that there is no news that hot Funyuns are being discontinued. There is no such information on the Internet and neither is there any such news in the media. If hot Funyuns were being discontinued there would surely be an official statement from the parent company Frito-Lay and as of now, that seems to be none. Funyuns are a profitable product even now so there would be no logical reason to pull the plug on this much-loved product. On the hot Funyuns Twitter handle there is no news of Funyuns being discontinued? So it would be safe to assume that these tasty rings of light food are going to be around even in the future and people who get their kicks from them have nothing to worry about. There is still fun to be had with Funyuns!

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