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The Battle of the Platforms which will take place on June 12, 2021, is the most exciting thing to hit the world of social media for a long time. Everybody is talking about it and is excited about it and can’t wait for the event to roll in. The fight between YouTubers vs. TikTokers has been going on for quite a while with both parties arguing about which is the better and more popular social media platform. They are not ready to concede defeat and finally, they decided to slug it out in an old-fashioned way to decide – which is the better platform? They chose the medium of boxing to decide how to make this decision as to which platform is superior. Boxing is still the macho way of ending an argument no matter what the evolved thinkers feel.

Fists will Decide the Outcome

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The YouTubers and TikTokers got together and came up with the idea that a group of YouTubers and TikTokers will fight each other in the boxing ring and slug it out. There will be several boxing matchups between individuals and that will decide the winner. In each fight, a YouTuber will step into the boxing ring and face a TikToker, and fight as a man possessed. The man left standing at the end or the man with more scoring points will be the winner. A series of boxing matches on June 12, 2021, will decide who is the overall winner?  – YouTubers or TikTokers? It’s going to be exciting, violent, and basic – just the way the bloodthirsty crowds want. People will be paying for watching these boxing contests.

Who is FaZe Jarvis Fighting?


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One of the fighters on display is FaZe Jarvis. FaZe Jarvis is a YouTuber and will represent them in this event. So who is FaZe Jarvis fighting? Who is FaZe Jarvis boxing on June 12, 2021? FaZe Jarvis is fighting Michael Le. People are curious to know who is FaZe Jarvis and also who his opponent is. Born on November 11, 2001, his real name is Jarvis Khattri and he is an English YouTuber, a Twitch streamer, and an active member of the gaming organization, the FaZe Clan. Jarvis is well known for his gaming videos, content, challenges, and real-life stuff that he regularly uploads on his YouTube channel that also features his elder brother Frazier and other FaZe Clan members. Jarvis started his social media career on June 29, 2014, when he uploaded his first video on YouTube and he has been active ever since.

The Opponent is Michael Le


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FaZe Jarvis will be fighting Michael Le who is a die-hard TikToker. Michael Le regularly uploads his dancing content on TikTok and has made a big name for himself by doing so. While his main passions are dance and choreography he is also interested in photography. Michael was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he was raised with freedom and care. He grew up with three siblings and became interested in music, dance, and choreography from a young age. When he discovered the world of social media he realized that he could showcase his talent all across the world and share his passion with fans and people who appreciated his talent and hard work. Michael Le is today a famous TikToker and he has decided to take part in this event where they will try to decide – which is the more important social media platform?

May the Tougher Man Win!


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So come June 12, 2021, FaZe Jarvis will be standing in front of Michael Le in the boxing ring to slug it out and decide who will be the last man standing. They will be doing it for their community either YouTubers or TikTokers because they are loyal to it and want to do something for it. So try to be there and see who will stagger out of the ring at the end – FaZe Jarvis or Michael Le?

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