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June 12, 2021, will decide who will be the master of the social media universe. That’s right! It is the day of the Battle of the Platforms when it will be decided which social media platform is more important to people – YouTube or TikTok? It is the day of the royal rumble of YouTubers vs. TikTokers and the entire social media world and its users and fans are waiting for. It will be decided when chosen stars of YouTube and TikTok will step into a boxing ring and beat the holy crap out of each other all to prove a point – Who is the bigger gun in the world of social media, YouTube or TikTok? This debate has been going on for quite a while and now these two giant platforms have chosen this way to decide once and for all – who is the bigger guy.

Who is Going to Win?

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On June 12, 2021, social media stars who belong to these two camps will face each other in the boxing ring and there will be individual fights between one man each from the YouTube and TikTok camp. The man who wins the match will be the winner. There will be a series of matches with different people fighting each other from the opposite camp and in the end after the results have been tabulated the winner will be declared. Everybody is waiting to see who will be the eventual winner – YouTube or TikTok?

Who is Bryce Hall Fighting?


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One man who will be donning the boxing gloves and getting into the fight of his life will be Bryce Hall. So who is Bryce Hall fighting? Who is Bryce Hall boxing? People want to know more about this particular fight as each fight will be important and many people will be putting down their hard owned dollars to pay to see these fights. Bryce Hall will be fighting on behalf of the TikTokers. Born on August 14, 1999, Bryce Hall is an American social media personality who has his TikTok account with over 19.5 million followers. He is a member of the Sway House in Los Angeles, California. Hall started his social media career at the young age of 15 years and was on Vine and Musical.ly before he came onto TikTok. He has also been in trouble with the law in 2020 on drug charges though he was given bail pretty soon.

The Man Opposing Hall


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Bryce Hall will be fighting against Austin McBroom who will represent the YouTubers. Austin McBroom is an American YouTuber, basketball player, and Internet personality who has achieved fame thanks to his very popular YouTube channel which has over 18.0 million subscribers. He was born in North Hollywood, California, and has a younger brother named Landon McBroom who is also a YouTube star. After completing his high school education at Campbell Hall High School McBroom attended three universities before beginning his career. He was very fond of sports from a young age and was very good at basketball, baseball, and football. McBroom owns The ACE Family YouTube channel along with his fiancée.

Blood Will Flow!

Now Bryce Hall will be taking on Austin McBroom in this very major fight on June 12, 2021, at the eagerly awaited Battle of the Platforms. When this fight was announced at a press conference there was a big melee and both Hall and McBroom had a go at each other giving the excited press and public a taste of what is sure to come – a very bloody fight. After all, it is the very honour of their social media community that is at stake. They will fight to decide the question – Who is the bigger gun, YouTube or TikTok? Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom are working hard in their training setups hoping to be the ones to answer this very challenging question.

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