Sara Lane Now and Then

It’s still a largely not-understood phenomenon why some promising young actors and actresses start with a bang and then end in a whimper or else quietly fade away. Why is it that so many talented artists start well and then they drop out of the limelight and the whole world wonders why it happened like this? Sara Lane is one such talented actress who made a big splash in the beginning and then did not continue acting even though she was good-looking and talented. So much so that today people do not know what she does but when they see reruns of her initial work they wonder why the entertainment industry lost a bright light like her to relative anonymity. Let’s take a look at Sara Lane then and now!

Who is Sara Lane?

Sara Lane is a former actress who is most famous for her role as Elizabeth Grainger in the TV series The Virginian. The Virginian is an American western TV series that originally was aired on NBC from the year 1962 till 1971 and ran for a total of 249 episodes. It was very popular and is considered a path-breaking TV series that set new standards. It ran for a total of nine seasons and was renamed The Men from Shiloh in its last season. Sara Lane had very little acting experience before she was cast in this important role in The Virginian. Sara Lane isn’t her real name. She was born Susan Russell Lane on March 12, 1949, in New York City, USA, to her actor father James Rusty Lane, and her mother Sara Anderson.

Walking Away from Fame

Sara Lane was cast in The Virginian in 1962 and she became very popular as the series became one of the most-watched programs on TV at that time. For some reasons that she has never really talked about Lane later retired from acting and chose a life away from the limelight. She and her husband decided to get into the lucrative wine business and became the joint owners of a wine company named Havens Wine Cellars in Napa Valley, California. They started a family and Lane has a daughter named Sara Scott and an adopted son named James Scott. She raised them well and became interested in working with children.

Sara Lane Now

People are wondering where is Sara Lane now? Today Sara Lane works with children who have different types of problems and need special care so that they can have a life that is as close to normal and healthy as possible. It boggles her fans as to how she left a promising career and a glamorous life to go into relative anonymity and serve a group of children that are otherwise ignored by society. However, she has not cut all her relations with the entertainment world. As late as 2012 Sara Lane was an honoured guest at the Memphis Film Festival’s “A Gathering of Guns 4: A TV Western Reunion” which was held at the Whispering Woods Hotel and the Conference Centre in Olive Branch, Mississippi. There the people were thrilled to meet her and renewed memories and nostalgia were abundant for the golden age of Western TV series.

Where Can They be Now?

Sara Lane from The Virginian today lives a quiet life with her husband Jon Scott and is a wife and a mother apart from contributing to society by working with and helping children with special needs. People often wonder about the other cast members from The Virginian like James Drury, Doug McClure, Lee J. Cobb, John Dehner, Charles Bickford, and Stewart Granger. They ask – Where are they now? Some of them have passed away and the others have retired from the entertainment industry as they are very old and need to rest and spend their time in leisure. They were all members of the golden age of the TV industry when watching TV was the favourite pastime of people all over the USA. Today with multiple entertainment platforms available the TV industry is struggling to be relevant and compete with other media.

A Person of Dignity

Sara Lane has done the things that she has been passionate about. First acting, then winemaking and selling, and now working with problematic children. She has done it with interest and feeling and that is why she is still remembered by all people who have known her. She has an old-world charm and dignity that is hard to find today. Sara Lane makes people happy.

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