When does the New Greg Gutfeld Show Start
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America is in love with talk shows and with good reason. On a good talk show, people get to air their views openly without censor and the viewers get to listen to alternative points of opinion that are the hallmark of every free and open society. America prides itself on being a free and open society and it’s because of its talk shows and other open forums that it has credibility all across the civilized world. The Greg Gutfeld Show is one such popular talk show that has delighted viewers all over America and they happily tune in every week to watch it. Now there is going to be a change in the show and people are asking – When does the new Greg Gutfeld Show start? We will tell you right here what happened to the original Greg Gutfeld Show.

When is The Greg Gutfeld Show On?

The Greg Gutfeld Show airs at 10:00 pm ET every Saturday on the Fox News Channel. The host is Greg Gutfeld who calls himself a liberal Fox News personality and he is also the co-host of The Five, a weekly round table show. The Greg Gutfeld Show is very popular as it features an enjoyable mix of comedy, political satire, and passionate discussion of current events. After achieving immense popularity in the past the show has become a staple for many viewers who tune in to enjoy the discussion and fun it brings to them every week.

Is The Greg Gutfeld Show Cancelled?

No, despite the rumours the show has not been cancelled. It has merely been given a new timing and has been rebranded. The show will continue under a new name Gutfeld! and will premiere on Monday, April 5, 2021, on the Fox News Channel itself. The show will now move to weeknights at 11:00 pm ET and accordingly, the final Saturday telecast of the old show took place on March 13, 2021. The host Greg Gutfeld himself revealed this change in March 2021 and informed his viewers about it. Unfortunately, there has been a communication gap and some people wrongly assumed that this popular show has been cancelled. It is certainly not the case.

What’s The Greg Gutfeld Show about?


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The regular cast of the show includes the host Greg Gutfeld, Katherine “Kat” Timpf, a conservative/libertarian blogger and writer, and Tyrus, a former professional wrestler who has worked as a bodyguard for celebrities. The revolving members of the show include two guests each time who are usually political commentators, comedians, and Fox News personalities. The show usually begins with Gutfeld speaking solo where he invites satire and pokes fun at current events. He then introduces his guests and they talk about the current events under discussion on that show but focus more on the humour of the issue rather than serious political aspects. While the topics may be serious the outlook and tone of the discussions are light-hearted.

The Show will Go On!

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The show has clicked in a big way. It has already left behind older shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the TV ratings and that is a big achievement. Especially so because The Greg Gutfeld Show is aired only once a week. It has drawn praise in the media from several renowned and respected critics and people have given it hearty approval. The moniker The Greg Gutfeld Show tonight is not to be taken lightly anymore. Now in its new avatar, the show promises to further scale the ladder of popularity and become even more influential. Talk shows are here to stay and the newly rebranded show Gutfeld! is a fine example of this!

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