What Happened to Acrello

The beauty of social media is that if you have a good idea and nothing else you can still become famous and achieve the fame and even fortune you have aspired for. Social media has become a global phenomenon and continues to affect and change the world in ways that nobody can anticipate. It has become a vehicle for change and no aspect of life is now unaffected by it. It is still mostly used as a source of networking and fun which is why so many people especially young people are addicted to it. TikTok is one such social media that has become popular all over the world and is available in over 200 countries now. As of January 2021, TikTok has over 689 million global active users and is the seventh most popular social media network on planet Earth. No wonder even a young rising star like Acrello is using it to put forward the ideas that he wants to work on.

Who is Acrello?

Born on January 1, 2002, in Lansing, Michigan, USA, Acrello’s age is just 19 years. He has already become famous as a content creator on social media and is known for the comedy skits and life hacks that he puts out regularly. He started uploading his videos on Vine and gained popularity before the app was shut down. He then loaded his videos on YouTube for a while but he came into his own when he took a liking for TikTok. Now Acrello has over 4.8 million followers on TikTok and his profile “@acrello” is very well known among his numerous fans. He has also collaborated with other people like Yeetstem and Isabella Avila on other TikTok videos. He comes up with new ideas regularly and people are very excited about what he will do next.

What’s Going On?

These days something is going on which regards Acrello and people have noticed it. In the past few days, there have been many videos on TikTok from people asking everyone to “leave Acrello alone.” Which is making people wonder what this is about. They are asking questions like – What happened to Acrello and what did Acrello do? This trend is people telling others to “leave Acrello alone” and there are hundreds of such videos on TikTok now making everyone wonder what the hell did Acrello do that this is being said. This trend has intrigued a lot of people and many are coming on other social media sites and asking about it. Like one person tweeted on Twitter “Who tf is Acrello and why is TikTok telling me to leave him alone?”

This is What Acrello is Up To!


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The truth is that Acrello hasn’t done anything wrong. He is just playing a joke on everyone keeping in tune with his nature of starting something interesting all the time. He made up this inside joke so that everyone would feel that he was being targeted and “cancelled” and this would confuse them. He then put his account on private so nobody else could access it and find out about this joke he was playing. His plan has worked and now everyone is confused about what the hell is going on. People are wondering what happened to him and are talking about it. Mission accomplished! It’s just Acrello’s way to create some disruption in the TikTok universe.

Social Media is a Crazy World!


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So all fans of Acrello need not worry. Acrello is fine and nothing has happened to him. He has not done anything for which he will face any music. He is just having fun and played a joke on everyone just to stir things a bit. This trend will continue for a while and then everyone will get it that it’s a joke and things will calm down. People will laugh about it and think about what next will Acrello come out with to disrupt things a bit. The world of social media is always active and its things like what Acrello is doing that make people like it. So while Acrello wants people to “leave him alone” for a while it is doubtful if Acrello will leave TikTok and people alone in the future. That crazy brain of Acrello is no doubt already scheming and plotting about something wicked once again!

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