what happened to froggy on the little rascals
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Froggy has a long history. Froggy is a much-beloved character from films who first appeared way back in 1940 in the first of the Our Gang films named The New Pupil. This role was played by the American child actor William Robert Laughlin who was born on July 5, 1932. Laughlin was only eight years old when he first played the character of Froggy in The New Pupil. The character of Froggy was conceived as a child who had a voice like he had a frog in his throat. Little did the filmmakers know at that time that the character of Froggy would become so popular and that an entire generation of children would fall in love with the character? It happened and the character of Froggy became a phenomenon and everybody loved him. So what happened to Froggy?

How Did Froggy Die?

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Did Froggy die? It’s a long and complicated story. The character of Froggy has been played by more than one child star as the concept of the original Our Gang films has been taken and remade again. William Laughlin played Froggy in the original series of Our Gang films which were made from 1940 to 1944. Froggy had a strange guttural voice that reminded viewers of a frog’s croak. Laughlin acted in films such as The New Pupil and Dancing Romeo and was the highlight of the entire series. Laughlin died tragically on August 31, 1948, in La Puente, California, after being admitted to a hospital. He had suffered serious injuries because the Cushman motor scooter he was riding with his friend was hit by a speeding truck. The 16-year old Laughlin was delivering newspapers near his home. His was a death that was mourned by all who knew and had heard of him.

Froggy Comes Back


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Then in 1994 the movie The Little Rascals was released and it was a tribute to the original Our Gang films. It featured the popular character of Froggy again. Who played Froggy in The Little Rascals? This time the role was played by then eight-year-old Jordan Warkol. The film featured a whole bunch of lovable characters who were up to mischief all the time but were very endearing. They appealed not only to children but also to adults who yearned for a simpler time when life was innocent and the days seemed to stretch on for a long time. The characters were created by Hal Roach in 1922 but have a timelessness about them that makes them relevant and endearing even after all these years. The Little Rascals did well and Froggy became famous again. Jordan Warkol was a celebrity for a long time and people couldn’t get enough of his strange frog-like voice that always made people laugh.

Where Could He be Now?


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People wonder what happened to Froggy on The Little Rascals and where is Froggy now. The original cast of The Little Rascals has long disbanded and most of them have left show business. Jordan Warkol is still remembered as Froggy and on his Twitter account, he has acknowledged the same. He has written, “I’m that guy who played Froggy on The Little Rascals … but I’m older now, and my voice is less creepy.” Warkol is now in his 30s but he is still regularly approached by people who want to talk to him about his Froggy character. Now Jordan Warkol is a professional poker player and far removed from his Froggy days but he admits that this iconic role made him famous. He says that it took his life in a crazy direction but he is very thankful that he was part of it. Froggy continues to live in the hearts and minds of people who loved him from the day he first showed up on the screen.

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