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When Venezuelan music duo Chino y Nacho took the stage at the 18th annual Premios Juventud ceremony at the Watsco Center in Miami, Florida, on Thursday night, July 22, 2021, there were quite a few people in the audience who shed a tear or two. This was a moment that took a while to come even though many people had wanted it to happen for a while. This Chino y Nacho reunion couldn’t have come at a better time than now when the world has been devastated by the Covid-19 pandemic and needed optimism and hope more than anything else. Chino y Nacho comprises Jesus Alberto Miranda Perez [Chino] and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti [Nacho] who were both part of the famous Venezuelan merengue boy band Calle Ciega before teaming up to form a duo. Chino y Nacho debuted with their first album Epoca de Reyes in 2008 and went on to release four more studio albums before their breakup in 2017.

A Near Fatal Illness

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Since then speculation has been rife about their future and people have been asking questions like – What happened to Chino y Nacho? They have been wondering – Are they separated? With the Covid-19 pandemic clouding everything and millions of people succumbing to this virus people were concerned when reports emerged that Chino Miranda had also been affected. So fans were worried and were asking – What happened to Chino from Chino y Nacho? Chino was infected by the Covid-19 virus and this resulted in serious health complications for him and he was battling for his life. Chino was diagnosed with the virus and lived with it for months even as the Coronavirus compromised his nervous system. He was also diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy disorder.

Love for Music was his Saviour

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Even during this terrible time Chino did not stop being positive and fought hard to overcome this infection. His passion for music and the dream of creating songs for his fans and well-wishers kept him going and finally after several months of struggling he recovered. On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, he reached out to his numerous fans via his Instagram account and said “I want you to know that this process has been really hard and I am hurt and concerned but I want my fans to know that I’m here to have a conversation with them. I want them to know the truth. And for them to know that I’m still working on new music. I love you all.” His message sent a cheer among all his fans and when he took the stage along with Nacho on July 22, 2021, at Miami fans were almost delirious.

A Night to Remember!


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Chino y Nacho took the stage on July 22, 2021, and delivered a medley of their hit songs including “Andas en Mi Cabeza,” “Me Voy Enamorando,” and “Mi Nina Bonita.” The audience was swaying on their feet and were thrilled that Chino had made it through his terrifying ordeal and was now doing what they wanted him to – team up with Nacho and entertain them with their infectious music. Though the pair had reunited in 2020 itself and they had released a single “Raro” to mark the occasion this was the first time that they were performing together as a duo since their split in 2017. This event was a big occasion and other famous singers performed that night including Karol G, Myke Towers, Grupo Firme, and Tini among others. The cynosure of all eyes was of course Chino y Nacho and their performance assured fans that the duo still had the magic that had made them superstars in the first place. The Chino y Nacho reunion could be the calling bell for good times to come!

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