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The Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc all over the world. That is an understatement of gigantic proportions. The truth is that there isn’t an area of life that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic and mostly it has been a very negative effect. Careers have gone for a toss especially in those which required people to come together physically. The tech and software guys may have found new opportunities thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and tech companies may have benefitted financially thanks to remote working but most companies that require their employees to be present physically on the office premises have taken a big hit. Broadcasting is one of these industries as anchors, crews, technicians, and studio audiences have to be physically present in the studio or wherever the shoot is on for the show or program to happen. This is why super attractive TV host and sportscaster Charissa Thompson has had problems in the last one and half years in her career and has not been able to do her work the way she wants to. For some reason, there is talk among her audience and fans that Charissa Thompson is not well and they are wondering – What happened to Charissa Thompson?

Who is Charissa Thompson?

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Born on May 4, 1982, in Seattle, Washington, USA, as the youngest of three children Charissa Thompson is an American TV host and sportscaster who is currently working for Fox Sports. Charissa Thompson’s age is 39 years and she had decided at a young age that she wanted to be in the broadcasting business. After finishing high school at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington, Thompson went to California and attended community college. She later took a shift to the University of California in Santa Barbara where she completed her BA degree in law and society in 2004. Thompson started her career by appearing on college sports shows on Big Ten Network and Fox Sports Net and then in 2008 became a side-line reporter for the NFL on Fox. She took a particular interest in baseball, basketball, and football and developed an expertise in reporting on these sports events. Thompson was attractive and she struggled with her look and image for a while before accepting that she was a very good-looking blond woman. She has always had people and the media showering attention on her sex appeal and undeniable good looks.

Is There Something Wrong with her Health?

Some people are thinking that Charissa Thompson is sick right now and are asking – Why was Charissa Thompson in hospital? They are talking about a possible Charissa Thompson surgery and Charissa Thompson hospitalized. There are no reports of any illness as far as Charissa Thompson is concerned right now. There were some health concerns regarding her but not in the last few days. Towards the end of 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic was raging Thompson and other sportscasters were at risk so the Fox Sports management decided that for some time Charissa Thompson and the crew of Fox NFL Kickoff will not work in the studio for a while. Thompson and her co-workers would not congregate at the studio to avoid being infected by the virus. At that time Fox Sports released a statement saying “We look forward to the return of both casts to their regular posts soon.” Right now in October 2021 Charissa Thompson is back in the studio and doing a great job as usual covering games for Fox NFL Kickoff. Her fans and followers are delighted that their stunning-looking favourite sportscaster is back and lighting up their days.

Doing Extremely Well Financially Right Now

People are curious about how much money Charissa Thompson is making in her career. According to reports Charissa Thompson’s salary is around $700,000 a year and is sure to rise in the future as she is very good at her work. Charissa Thompson’s net worth is around $3.0 million and increasing as she has other sources of income as well. In early 2020 Thompson launched her interior design company named House & Home where Thompson and her team provide affordable design services. They reimagine their clients’ homes and turn them into better living places for a relatively low cost. Thompson has earned money by appearing on other shows as well like Extra, Barstool Spelling Bee, Splash, and the Netflix reality show Ultimate Beastmaster. So fans of Charissa Thompson need not worry as she is hale and hearty right now and not in the hospital as some people are assuming. Thompson is fine and working well as she always has been doing.

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