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Shannon Elizabeth used to be a big sex symbol in America and major English-speaking parts of the world from the late 1990s and well into the early part of the 21st century. She has always been a very attractive, sexy, sensual, intelligent woman right from a young age but her sexiness became the talking point of the English movie-watching world when she appeared as Nadia in the cult American college sex comedy American Pie in 1999. The success of American Pie started a new sub-genre in Hollywood that saw many college sex comedies being made though none captured the excitement and the delectable raunchiness of American Pie. Shannon Elizabeth became the woman that all young guys and even older men fantasized about and thought of getting into bed with. Then came the sequel American Pie 2 in 2001 and Shannon Elizabeth was even more sexy and raunchy. The craze for her was all over the world again. Circa 2021 and people are asking questions like – Where is Shannon Elizabeth now and what is Shannon Elizabeth doing now?

Who is Shannon Elizabeth?

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Shannon Elizabeth is an American actress, former fashion model, and poker player who made a name for herself by acting in cult comedy films like American Pie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Scary Movie. She started her career as a model for the Ford & Elite agency before she got a break in films in 1997 when she acted in the movie Jack Frost. She has acted in films like Evicted, Dish Dogs, Tomcats, Thirteen Ghosts, Love Actually, Night of the Demons, and The Outsider and also in TV series such as Baywatch, Pacific Blue, The Twilight Zone, That ‘70s Show, Cuts, and MADtv. She has also appeared in a few reality TV shows like Punk’d, Dancing with the Stars, Live Nude Comedy, and Celebrity Big Brother. No matter what she did or wished her fame has always centred on the fact that she was every teenager’s wet dream for a very long time thanks to her semi-nude roles in the comedies American Pie and American Pie 2. This is a bit unfortunate because Shannon Elizabeth is much more talented as an actress than most people have given her credit for.

A Gigantic Passion for Helping Animals


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Even though Elizabeth has appeared in the odd film over the years she has not been a major Hollywood player that she could have been. So people have often wondered what happened to Shannon Elizabeth. They want to know – Where is Shannon Elizabeth now and where is Shannon Elizabeth today? For a long time, Shannon Elizabeth has been doing what she has a passion for – caring for animals that have been treated badly and neglected by people. In 2001 she and her then-husband Reitman co-founded a non-profit organization for rescuing animals named Animal Avengers. Animal Avengers has done and does stellar work in rescuing and trying to find a home for homeless pets, promoting responsible pet ownership, reducing pet overpopulation, and preventing all forms of animal cruelty. Teaming up with other animal-friendly organizations like Team Bodog and Farm Sanctuary, Elizabeth has raised big amounts of money for helping animals.

Helping Build a More Humane World


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Elizabeth has worked as a spokesperson for the organization Farm Sanctuary and as part of their Adopt a Turkey initiative has urged people to adopt and save turkeys instead of eating them on Thanksgiving. She is very concerned about rhino poaching which is decimating the endangered animals and has used social media especially Instagram to raise awareness about the glut of rhino poaching at the Poached Rhino fundraisers held regularly. These days she lives in Cape Town, South Africa, and spends most of her time running Animal Avengers. Of late she has ventured into film production and is working on the film Playing with Beethoven as of 2021. She is an environmentalist and a vegan and spends time convincing people to give up non-vegetarian food and become vegetarians. Shannon Elizabeth has come a long way since she gave teenagers a lot to think about sexually way back in the early 1990s. Now she is a mature woman who is trying to make the world a kinder, gentler, and more humane place.

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