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Some people get hit by the biggest knocks in life that would simply devastate almost everybody else but these people are special and they fight back and beat the odds. They not only do everything that they set their mind on but also become an inspiration for others in a way that people start believing what is true about life – If one has the willpower and the determination to overcome one’s problems no matter how gigantic they are that person can do it and forge ahead! Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto is one such special person. Neil Cavuto’s success as a TV journalist in the media is well-known to everybody but only some people know how tough his life’s journey has been especially in the last 17 years. He appears regularly on Fox News where he anchors several TV news shows but has been missing from the TV screens for the past few days. This is why his viewers and audiences are asking questions like – Where is Neil Cavuto from Fox News? Some people have heard some unconfirmed reports about Neil Cavuto’s health which is why they are wondering – What happened to Neil Cavuto?

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Who is Neil Cavuto?


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Neil Cavuto is an American TV news anchor, business journalist, and commentator for Fox News and currently hosts three TV programs: Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto Live on Fox News, and Cavuto: Coast to Coast on its sister channel the Fox Business Network. Neil Cavuto’s age is 63 years now and he joined Fox News in July 1996 and since then has enjoyed a long and very successful career on the network. He has channelled his vast experience into his writing and is the author of two books namely More Than Money and Your Money or Your Life. Both books have been New York Times bestsellers and added to Neil Cavuto’s reputation as an intelligent man who has his fingers on the pulse of the nation. People are wondering what’s wrong with Neil Cavuto and the answer is that he has been struck by the scourge of our current times – The Covid-19 virus! That’s right! On October 20, 2021, he informed the public that he has been tested positive for the coronavirus and he would be taking a break from his regular work to recover.

Taking Vaccines Saved Him from the Killer Covid-19 Virus


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Cavuto said that he was lucky that he was already vaccinated before he was infected with the Covid-19 virus and so he will recover from it in some time. He said that he made the right decision to be vaccinated earlier otherwise with all the other serious medical problems he already has he would have been in a very dangerous situation. He urged people to get vaccinated immediately and to also convince others in their lives to get vaccinated as well. It will be their ticket to survival from this killer virus that has devastated the entire world especially America. News about Neil Cavuto’s illness has made people think about his other long-standing medical problems.

A Long Ongoing Battle with an Incurable Debilitating Disease

People are asking – What disease does Neil Cavuto have? Does Neil Cavuto have MS? MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system which comprises the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. The common symptoms are numbness, loss of balance, blurred or double vision, and weakness in limbs, and while there is no known cure for MS currently this disease is highly treatable. Neil Cavuto was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997 but has fought his disease valiantly ever since with medical drugs, a healthy diet, and a regular exercise program. The wonder of it all is that he has built a thriving and influential career for himself in a demanding field such as the news media. That’s why Neil Cavuto is an inspiration for everyone who is suffering from MS or any other disease but wants to live a good, healthy, and productive life.

The Tough Guy Will Be Back Soon!


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Viewers are missing Neil Cavuto from their favorite news programs and want to know when he will be back. They are asking – How is Neil Cavuto doing? According to reports Cavuto is recuperating from his Covid-19 illness and taking some well-deserved rest. He is in the safe territory now because he had taken his vaccines earlier so the virus has not been as potent as it usually is in others. He is positive about his illness and is eager to recover completely and get back to doing what he loves most. Neil Cavuto will soon be back in front of the cameras and inform his eager viewers what’s going on in the big wide world. Neil Cavuto’s illness is just another hurdle that this tough man is overcoming as he always has done!

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