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The whole social media world is waiting for June 12, 2021, to roll in when the biggest event in their life is going to take place. It is the day when the Battle of the Platforms will take place with the aim to decide for a long time which is the more important social media platform – YouTube or TikTok? This mega battle between YouTubers vs. TikTokers has been brewing for quite a while and has now reached fever pitch levels which is why they have decided to slug it out and end the debate once and for all. The YouTube and TikTok stars are supporting this event and are all enthusiastic that their social media platform will eventually come out tops.

The Clash of the Platforms

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So what are these YouTubers and TikTokers going to do on June 12, 2021? They are going to step into a boxing ring and thrash it out with their opponent from the other social media platform. There will be individual boxing matches where one YouTuber will fight with a TikToker after donning his boxing gloves and both will proceed to beat the hell out of each other. The man who wins the fight will be the winner. There will be several such YouTuber vs. TikToker fights and at the end of the day on June 12, 2021, the final winner will be declared. It will be announced which platform finally won – TouTube or TikTok?

Who is Nate Wyatt?


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One boxer who will be eager to win on that day is the man representing TikTok, Nate Wyatt. So who is Nate Wyatt? Nate Wyatt is an actor and musician who has become famous for his videos that he has been regularly uploading on TikTok which have earned him more than 5.0 million fans so far. In 2018 he started starring in the Brat series Turnt. Wyatt started his social media career by uploading his videos on Vine and at his peak had over 100,000 followers on the network. He is an active member of groups like The Hype House and the Triller Compound. Although originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he is now a resident of Los Angeles, California.

What is Nate Wyatt’s Ethnicity?


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People are curious about Nate Wyatt’s ethnicity and Nate Wyatt’s race. They want to know his age and his ethnic background. Nate Wyatt’s ethnicity is part black, white, and Native American. His mother has said that there is a little bit of Cuban ancestry in Wyatt as well. It is obvious that Wyatt comes from a rich cultural background and that reflects in his work as his music is diverse and exciting. Wyatt is into pop, salsa, and Latin music as well. His TikTok music videos show how accomplished Wyatt is in music.

The Man Against Wyatt


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People want to know the person Nate Wyatt is boxing on June 12, 2021, in the Battle of the Platforms. It is the YouTuber DDG that Wyatt will be fighting against. DDG is a rapper and YouTube star who has a liking for boxing even otherwise. It’s something that DDG pursued when he was in his early teens but then later gave up. When he found out that he can box again in this event he was quite thrilled with this opportunity and is looking forward to it. So Nate Wyatt better watch out! DDG is looking good and ready to pummel Nate Wyatt when they have a showdown on that fateful day in Miami, Florida.

Wyatt will Have to Give It his All

Wyatt was born on March 28, 1997, in the USA which makes Nate Wyatt’s age 24 years. He is young and raring to go and wants to prove that the social media platform he is part of, TikTok, is the superior one. It is not going to be an easy fight against DDG so Wyatt will have to pull out all he has got on June 12, 2021. His performance will go a long way to prove who is the big gun of the social media world – YouTube or TikTok?

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