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Many men and women have this dream. That they will get off the grid, say goodbye to the modern lifestyle that they now feel suffocated by, move to a remote pristine place and live off the land, live a simple life, and find themselves. It’s not easy to do this. It takes a special toughness of mind and a particular character to do this which is why this remains a pipe dream for most people. So we all admire the few who do this and Marty Raney is one of them. He lives in the wilderness of Alaska and has been battling the elements and making a life for himself and his family for many years now. His life is now the stuff of legends and people talk about him with a sense of awe. Ever since he has started appearing on the TV show Homestead Rescue aired on Discovery he has become very famous and people are tuning in every week to see his continuing adventures. Here are a few details from Marty Raney’s wiki.

Who is Marty Raney?


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Born in 1957 in the USA, Marty Raney is a mountain-climber, musician, and songwriter who has spread the lore of Alaska, USA, over the years. Marty Raney’s life took off in 1974 when he started working in the logging camps of Southeast Alaska and he built a home for himself on a floating logging camp on the Prince of Wales Island. He met Mollee Roestel who later became his wife and the couple moved to a remote homestead in Haines, Alaska, to set up their new home. The place had a very high concentration of Alaskan brown bears which made living there both very exciting and dangerous. People want to know – How many kids does Marty Raney have? Raney has four children whom he has named Misty Raney, Matt Raney, Miles Raney, and Melanee Raney. Life was never easy at Marty Raney’s home and the family struggled without power, plumbing, water, and heat.

Doing Things the Hard Way!

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Life was very tough and the family was roughing it out. However, it built character in all of them and they became very close. They did a lot of activities together like dip netting salmon, and annual moose, sheep, and caribou hunts which built strong bonds between them. Raney set up a business named Alaska Stone and Log and the whole family works for it. They took natural materials from the land, peeled logs, and quarried stone, and learned old-world craftsmanship which is so rare nowadays. They built beautiful cabins, homes, sheds, and structures using simple tools and have contributed to the legacy of homesteading and off-grid construction in Alaska. Marty Raney’s kids have supported him in all these endeavours over the years and it is a matter of great pride for Raney that his family has always stood with him even in the worst of times.

A Talented & Strong Man

Since Raney has worked and has run a successful business over the years people are curious to know Marty Raney’s net worth. Raney has appeared in several reality shows, documentaries and has worked on other projects. He has also worked as a climber, cameraman, and musician. As of May 2021, Marty Raney’s net worth is over $1.0 million and rising. Raney has earned money by working on several films like Spirit of Alaska, Surviving Denali, and Against All Odds. Some of his works include McKinley: Grand Mountain of the Far North, Strummit from the Mountain, and An Idiot Abroad. Marty Raney is a tough man who loved the harshness of Alaska and has made a life for himself and his family there. When people imagine what living off the grid feels like they look towards Marty Raney!

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