Lyric Chanel Story
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It’s really sad when a person dies. It’s tragic when a young child dies much before he or she has lived a full life. But when it’s a teenager who has fought the odds and inspired many people through her short life one looks towards the heavens for some answers. That’s what people are doing after getting the news that the 13-year old teenager Lyric Chanel passed away on March 5, 2021, leaving thousands and near millions of admirers and well-wishers grief-stricken. The Lyric Chanel story just tugs away at your heartstrings and makes you admire the strength and joyful spirit of this young girl who inspired countless people to face life with renewed strength and vigour.

Who is Lyric Chanel?

Lyric Chanel was a 13-year old girl from Houston, Texas, who was living a healthy and happy life with her family. She was a vibrant and socially outgoing girl who had a passion for music and was a big fan of Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce among other artists. She would listen to their songs and sing and dance along and have a great time. Her infectious energy passed on to all around her and people enjoyed being with her. Then when she was just 11-years old life took a dark turn. Chanel was diagnosed with brain cancer and then she had to go to the hospital regularly for treatment and multiple surgeries. The surgeries took a toll on her and soon she lost the ability to see and walk. Her memory was also adversely affected.

Lyric Chanel Cancer

The girl didn’t give up. She dug deep into her soul and came up with the strength to enjoy what she had a passion for. Music and communicating with people. She started documenting her struggles with cancer on social media and soon her Instagram following grew to become 600k. She wrote deeply personal notes about her battle with cancer and anaplastic ependymoma which touched a chord with everybody who read it and heard about her. She started making YouTube videos using music and posted them on her channel named “Yhung.chanel_.” She remixed several songs and free-styled to them including such popular songs as Offset’s “Cloud,” Cardi B’s “Press,” and Nicki Minaj’s “Good Form.” Chanel had a passion for rapping and dancing and her joyful spirit came through abundantly on the videos she posted.

Chanel Inspired Celebrities

How did Lyric Chanel Die

Chanel kept her fans updated about her battle with cancer and many people were emotional as they learned about her see-saw struggles with cancer. She became so famous that even celebrities heard of her and were touched by her life and valiant struggle. Beyonce and Cardi B heard of her and reached out to Chanel personally. Beyonce sent some pieces from her famed IVY PARK collection to Chanel in 2020 while Cardi B wrote about Chanel’s story on her Instagram account and said that she was inspired by Chanel. Rapper Trae tha Truth was also moved by Chanel’s life and accompanied her to the hospital several times.

How Did Lyric Chanel Die?

lyric chanel passed away

Lyric Chanel died of brain cancer on March 5, 2021, in her home city of Houston, Texas. People knew her end was near as on March 4, 2021, Chanel’s parents posted on Instagram that she had only a few days to live. They wrote, “Just got news from Dr that Lyric is Dying and only have days to live…These are the hardest words to have to hear.” The next day Lyric Chanel left grieving loved ones behind and just like that a young life was gone. The brave girl who loved music and brought strength to everyone who knew her was no more.

A Young Life Gone Forever

lyric chanel cancer

Many people wrote her obituary after she passed away. They said many things about Chanel but there was one thing that they all agreed on – Lyric Chanel fought an incredible battle against her disease and showed people that you could be positive and happy no matter how bad your situation in life was. Chanel may have gone in body but her spirit lives on. Anybody who knew her will remember her as a young girl who never gave up and brought happiness to everyone who ever crossed her path. The world lost a young girl who could have become anything she wanted to be. Her smile and joy will continue to haunt and inspire people!

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