Kristin from Last Man Standing Weight Gain
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There has been a lot of speculation about actress Amanda Fuller being pregnant in the last few months and people have been eager to know if she is going to have a baby. They have noticed her baby bump on the popular TV show Orange Is the New Black since 2020 and have been wondering if she is going to have a baby or is it part of her character. Celebrities having babies is always big news and this is no exception. Amanda Fuller’s fans have been following her every move ever since she has become a famous actress and they want to know if their favorite actress is going to be a mother or not. They have been asking the question – Is Amanda Fuller pregnant?

Kristin “Last Man Standing” Weight Gain

While Fuller has acted in several popular series she is perhaps most well known for playing the role of Kristin Baxter in the ABC-sitcom Last Man Standing. In 2012 she replaced the actress Alexandra Krosney who earlier played the role of Baxter. Fuller’s turn as Baxter became more popular and even today her fans identify her with that character. Fuller started her career acting in several TV movies such as Deadly Whispers, Real Story, Children of Fortune, Anatomy of a Hate Crime, Conviction, and  Primal Doubt. While she has had roles for a few episodes in many TV series she has of late become famous for her role as Madison “Badison” Murphy in seasons 6 and 7 of the popular series Orange Is the New Black in 2018-2019.

A Supportive Husband

Fuller is in the news again because people have noticed her weight gain and are asking the question – Why is Amanda Fuller fat? That is because she was pregnant from 2020 onwards and was expecting her child in the first months of 2021. The father is her partner and husband Matthew Bryan Feld and he supported her strongly and fully during the difficult months of her pregnancy. When Fuller informed the media that she was having a baby boy she said “We are shocked, terrified, and elated – and just pray we can be our best selves in bringing our little angel into this world.”

The Baby Arrives


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Fuller gave birth to her baby boy in November 2020 the day after Thanksgiving. She and her husband Feld have named their son Hayes Blue and she expressed her joy at becoming a mother on her Instagram account by writing “They would need to come up with a new word to describe the kind of gratitude I’m feeling these days.” The next few months were very happy but things turned dark in March 2021 when Fuller’s baby was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and since then has suffered several complications. Fuller has not given any details of this bad turn of events so far but she has told the media that she would after things get cleared up a bit.

Fans were Right After All!


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So the presumptions that Fuller’s fans made when they say her weight gain in Orange Is the New Black turned out to be true after all. Amanda Fuller was pregnant and she later gave birth to a baby boy. It is really difficult to escape the public eye if you are a celebrity especially an actress. You are out there for all to see and eager fans observe every small thing whether it is a public issue or a private matter. Fuller did not try to hide her pregnancy anyway and her fans are very happy that she had a baby boy that has brought her so much happiness. We all pray that her son gets better soon and Fuller has the perfect family that she has always wanted.

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